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is it?
- In a castle.
- Guarded?
- By a wizard called Toth-Amon.
- By a wizard?
- That frightens you.
You're afraid of magic.
And you will have to deal with it.
What good is a sword against sorcery?
- Then you're afraid to go?
- No. I will find a way.
- What does this key unlock?
- A treasure.
A jewelled horn. Only she can procure it.
Only she can lead you to it.
And when she has it,
you'll bring her back to me.
Then you will have your reward.
We shall both have everything we want...
through magic.
It's all right. Don't be afraid.
- It's only a dream. It's only a dream.
- No, I saw...
A dream. Only a dream.
- Be still. Lie down.
- I saw it.
- I saw it again.
- No, you saw nothing.
A nightmare.
Imaginings out of excitement.
Go back to sleep.
Tomorrow you start your journey.
You'll need all your strength.
Your destiny is at hand.
All our destinies are at hand,
even Conan's,
- though he doesn't yet know it.
- We don't need him, my queen.
I don't need the captain of the guard
to steal a key. That is a task for a thief.
What I need you for is to see that this dear
child is returned safely to the palace
with both the treasure
and her virginity intact.
I will protect them both.
You'd better, my friend, for she must be
a virgin when she's returned to me,
so she can be properly sacrificed.
One other thing, Bombaata.
It is not wise to have the king of thieves
near the treasure.
So when the key is in my niece's hand,
I want your sword in Conan's heart.
Have the Elite Guard follow. They will
strike at the right moment to help you.
Conan must die.
Do you think he's handsome?
Very ugly.
No, not him. Conan.
Can't you judge for yourself?
But how can I?
How many times have I seen a man?
A real man.
All I've seen is you.
Meaning no insult to you, Bombaata.
Yes. He is handsome.
Conan, wait! We must go this way.
- Not yet.
- But you have to obey me.
Weren't you told?
There are rules to every game.
I believe you.
But there's magic in this game
and I have to be able
to fight it with magic.
- What are they going to do?
- Have lunch.
Those savages should thank me,
sparing them a terrible stomachache.
Why would they wanna eat someone
as old and as sour as you?
They thought if they digested me,
my magic would be in their blood.
At least they coulda washed you first.
- I need you.
- I'm yours.
Tell me more about this key.
Oh, it's not an ordinary key. It's a jewel.
- A jewel?
- Yes. The Heart of Ahriman.
- Well, can it be worn?
- Only by me.
No one else dare touch it.
If there is anything here that you like,
try not to take it.
I know when to steal and when not to.
Hit her. Get her!
- What did she do?
- She came with bandits to raid us.
The others are dead. Now it's her turn,
after we have our fun with her.
Don't kill her too soon!
- Save her!
- Thieves should be hanged.
Conan, there are six of them against her.
One, two, three... I think you're right.
And she's tied to the stake.
Do something!
- I think we made a friend.
- Wait here.
What do you want?
- To come with you.
- Be off!
- Let me speak to Conan.
- I said be off.
I swear that if Conan will let me ride
with him, I will give my life for him.
We shall see.
The castle of Toth-Amon. It holds the key.
Come bring her, Conan.
- We leave now.
- In the morning.
- I'm the leader here.
- Lead in the morning.
It will be better. We must rest.
My thinking exactly.
In the morning you will touch
the Heart of Ahriman.
The first to do so in a thousand years.
Akiro, where is she?
In there!
- Who took her?
- A giant bird.
A bird of smoke.
Into the boat!
Somebody should stay
and watch the horses.
I didn't mean me.
I'm rowing!
Too late, my friends.
But come... come anyway.
How do we get in?
Is there another entrance?
Under here is a way in.
- You mean under the water?
- You can stay here if you like.
They need me.
Конан-разрушитель Конан-разрушитель

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