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you've tortured and killed.
Colonel Matrix.
You do not understand
a country like Val Verde.
- [Sighs]
- It is a country that needs...
a president who has
an understanding of discipline.
- Why tell me?
- Because...
you're going to return
to Val Verde...
and you are going to kill
the president...
that you helped
to overthrow me.
Why don't you
have Bennett do it?
Sounds like something
he would get off on.
Because President Velazquez
trusts you, Colonel.
After all, he made you
the hero of the revolution.
Captain Bennett left, shall we say,
under a cloud. Yes?
Yeah. He enjoyed killing
a little too much.
Your training, Matrix.
You can get close
to President Velazquez.
You will kill him.
You know, we went
to a lot of trouble to find you.
We had to pretend
Captain Bennett's death...
so that General Kirby would
become agitated and lead us to you...
and now that I have you,
you will do exactly...
as I tell you.
Fuck you.
- Daddy.
- Jenny.
Oh, you bastards.
Colonel Matrix, If you kill President
Velazquez, I will send her back to you.
If you try anything else...
I will mail her to you
in pieces.
- Any sign of Matrix?
- No, sir. Just those bodies.
You think
there's more, sir?
If he's still alive,
I'd expect a lot more.
Sully will make sure
you get on the plane.
Henriques will stay with you,
make sure you get off.
I don't hear from either one
of 'em, she's dead.
How much are they paying you,
They offered me a hundred grand.
You want to know something?
When I found out I'd get my hands on you,
I said I'd do it for nothing.
- Hey! Hold it.
- I'll be back, Bennett.
I'll be ready, John.
We're running late,
So you and Bennett
met in the service?
Me and Henriques
was in the service too.
There's nothing
like old war buddies.
Well, have a nice
trip now.
Take care. Oh, here. Have some beers
in Val Verde, Matrix.
It'll give everyone a little
more time with your daughter.
- [Laughs]
- You're a funny guy, Sully. I like you.
That's why I'm going
to kill you last.
Hasta luego, fellas.
First class, 7-A.
And you're 7-B, sir.
- Any carry-on luggage?
- Just him.
Open your mouth again,
and I'll nail it shut.
- You must fasten your seat belt, sir.
- Thankyou.
- Could I have a blanket and a pillow, please?
- Sure.
[Mechanical Whir]
- There you go.
- Thank you.
[Woman] Ladies and gentlemen,
we are now preparing for departure.
If you'll please make sure
all your carry-on luggage...
is safely stored
in the overhead compartments.
Make sure your seat belts are fastened
and extinguish all cigarettes.
Once we reach our cruising altitude,
we're gonna be serving our beverages...
and then, a little
later on, our dinner.
Shortly after that, we'll be showing
our feature film.
Your flight attendants
are Susan and Lance...
- and I'm Vicky.
- [Cracking]
We're here to make your trip
as comfortable as possible.
Thank you, and have a safe
and enjoyable flight.
[Engines Starting]
Excuse me.
How long is the flight?
We land in Val Verde
in exactly 11 hours.
Thank you,
and do me a favor.
Don't disturb my friend.
He's dead tired.
Front, please.
Thank you.
Sir, during take off
you must remain seated.
I'm airsick.
[Snarls, Barks]
[Beeping Rapidly]
[Beeping Rhythmically]
Yeah, the bird has flown.
Cargo's aboard.
Now go to the drop-off point.
Yes. Gracias Sully.
Well we are
right on schedule.
With any good fortune, today
will be my last day as a civilian.
Your father
seems to be cooperating.
You will be together with him soon.
Won't that be nice?
Not nearly as nice as watching him
smash your face in.
Take her below.
Yeah, that Cindy.
Well, my 7:40 flight
to Vancouver was canceled.
So how about dinner? Yeah.
Well, I could go
to bed early too.
- Maybe we should do it another time.
- Sounds like he's mad at you.
Okay. Well.
I like you too.
All right then.
Talk to you

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