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We did it.
Well done.
Thank you.
- Matrix?
- Call the federal building.
Have them monitor every police,
aviation, and marine channel.
- What are you expecting?
- World War III.
Repeat: this is Whiskey X-ray
448 for General Kirby.
Urgent you respond.
MAN ON RADIO: Attention
unidentified aircraft.
This is the Coast Guard
cutter Marauder.
You're flying over
the San Magill gunnery range.
This is a highly
restricted area.
Change course or you will be
forced to land. Acknowledge.
Urgent. Repeat, urgent.
You must contact
General Franklin Kirby.
First change course or you risk
being shot down. Acknowledge.
They shoot the shit
out of this area all the time.
Flights out of LAX
avoid it like the plague.
- Can you go below radar?
- Not marine radar.
If I get us close to the water,
the waves can camouflage us.
- Go down.
- Oh... OK.
- Do it!
- Hang on.
We lost them, sir.
[Speaking Spanish]
Slitting a little girl's throat
is like cutting warm butter.
Put the knife away,
and shut your mouth.
I love listening to
your little piss-ant soldiers...
trying to talk tough.
They make me laugh.
If Matrix was here,
he'd laugh, too.
Mr. Bennett,
my soldiers are patriots.
Your soldiers are nothing.
Matrix and I could kill
every one of them...
in a blink of an eye.
Remember that.
Are you trying to frighten me?
I don't have to try.
When Matrix finishes the job,
he'll be back for his daughter.
Now, whether she's alive
or dead doesn't matter.
Then he'll be after you.
Now, the only thing
between Matrix and you...
is me.
It is you that is afraid,
Mr. Bennett.
You are afraid of Matrix.
Of course. I'm smart.
But I have an edge.
I have his daughter.
- Is that it?
- That's the one.
Land here. It's the most
isolated spot we'll find.
CINDY: OK. Here we go.
You remember the message?
Commando. Kirby.
Code red. Coordinates.
Got it.
Don't break radio silence
until they see me.
How will I know?
Because all fucking hell
is going to break loose.
Be careful, Matrix.
Good luck.
[Men speaking Spanish]
[Telephone rings]
S. El presidente aqui.
He was not on the plane.
Kill her.
Como esta?
Welcome back, John.
So glad you could make it.
Little bitch!
I'll kill her!
CINDY: Commando!
I say again, Commando!
This is Whiskey X-ray 448.
I have an emergency message
for a General Franklin Kirby.
I repeat,
General Franklin Kirby.
General Kirby, we have
your message on the teletype.
Paren disparando!
Vayan y miren.
Venganse conmigo!
JOHN: Jenny!
JENNY: Daddy?
No, not daddy.
Come on!
John? How's your arm, John?
Come find out.
No, thanks.
Think I'll take a pass.
John, stick your head out.
One shot
right between the eyes.
I'll make it quick
for old times' sake.
Stop screwing around
and let the girl go.
It's me you want.
I have one arm.
You can beat me.
Come on, Bennett, throw away
that chicken-shit gun.
You don't just want
to pull a trigger.
Put the knife in me
and look me in the eye...
and see what's going on
in there when you turn it.
That's what you
want to do, right?
- I could kill you, John.
- Let the girl go.
It's between you and me.
Don't deprive yourself
of some pleasure.
Come on, Bennett.
Let's party.
I can beat you.
I don't need the girl.
I don't need the girl!
Ha! I don't need
the gun, John.
I can beat you.
I don't need no gun!
I'm going to kill you now!
[Bennett laughs]
You're getting old, John.
You're getting old.
John, I feel good.
Just like old times.
What's it feel like to be
a dying man, John?
You're a dead man, John.
John, I'm not going to shoot you
between the eyes.
I'm going to shoot you
between the balls!
Let off some steam,
Move out!


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