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like you need a date.
Well, I don't.
Girls like you meet
a lot of nice boys at airports.
Listen, you're really
bugging me.
Hey, slow down.
- I got something to give you.
- I'm not interested.
You don't know
what you're missing.
It looks like a nightmare.
Please leave me alone!
You fucking whore.
JOHN: Don't move.
I'm not going to hurt you.
- Step aside.
- You said, "Don't move."
Do it. Get in the car.
Do exactly what I tell you.
- I've got a 7:30 karate class.
- You're not going to make it.
Follow him.
I knew you would say that.
Don't get offended, but are you
going to kill me or something?
You wouldn't tell me
if you were.
- Sure, I would.
- Really?
Trust me.
Stay close to him. Faster!
[Woman screams]
That's good.
WOMAN: Can you tell me
what this is about?
A guy I trusted for years
wants me dead.
I've only known you 5 minutes,
and I want you dead, too.
[Horns honking]
Out. Come on.
Hurry up.
- If you're in a hurry, I can...
- I'm almost through with you.
Listen to me.
My daughter has been kidnapped.
He's the only chance I've got
of finding her.
If he sees me or I lose him,
they'll kill her.
I need you to follow him,
tell him you're crazy about him.
Bring him over here.
I will do the rest.
You go back to your normal life.
Got it?
- No.
- Please, help me.
You're the only
chance I've got.
She has less
than 10 hours left.
They're going to kill her.
OK. All right. I'll help you.
There's this huge guy outside
in a green t-shirt.
He's a paranoid maniac,
and he's kidnapped me.
I need your help.
- I'll check it out.
- Thank you.
SULLY: I hear you're great
with transmissions.
MAN: That's right.
SULLY: Oh, yeah.
This will work just fine.
Biggs, are you there?
There's a guy over here
that may be wacko.
- I doubt I can handle him alone.
- I'll be there.
Want to see me kick ass?
- Wait here, miss.
- Thank you.
Attention all units.
Emergency on the theater level.
Suspect, 6'2", brown hair.
He's one gigantic
This used to be a great place
for hunting slash.
It's got crowded now.
I think I found
something, though.
See you.
- What are you doing here?
- I'm waiting for my...
Hey, you looking for me?
Come with us.
I need a quarter.
Give me a quarter!
Move it!
Son of a bitch!
- Out of the way.
- Freeze!
Get him!
Come on.
- Stop or I'll shoot!
- No!
Hey, lady! Stop!
Wait for me!
Don't you go anywhere!
Who the hell are you, huh?
You steal my car,
rip the seat out, kidnap me,
you ask me to help find your
daughter, which I kindly do,
then you get me in a shoot-out
where people are dying.
You rip a phone booth
out of the wall,
swing from
the ceiling like Tarzan,
then a cop's going to shoot you,
and I save you,
and he starts chasing me!
Are you going to tell me
what's going on or what?!
No? No?
Oh, my god! Watch out!
[Woman screams]
What are you doing?
Oh, look out! Aah!
This is not my day!
WOMAN: Whoa!
My car!
[Firing gun]
- Are you all right?
- I'm dead.
You're all right.
Wait for me.
[Sully groaning]
Where is she?
- Kiss my ass.
- I can't hear you!
I'll say it louder:
get fucked.
Your loyalty is very touching,
but it's not the most important
thing in your life right now.
But what is important
is gravity.
I have to remind you, Sully,
this is my weak arm.
You can't kill me.
You need me
to find your daughter.
Open the door
Cook knows.
I'll take you where I meet him.
- No, you won't.
- Why not?
Because I already know.
Remember I promised
to kill you last?
That's right, Matrix.
You did!
I lied.
Now you don't have a car.
Now I do.
- What did you do with Sully?
- I let him go.
JOHN: I'm sorry
I got you involved.
WOMAN: Tell me
what this is about.
- It's about her.
- Is this your daughter?
JOHN: People are using her
to force me to do a job.
If I don't get to her soon,


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