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- I'm not going anywhere.
I promise.
Jackson. Harris.
Secure the area.
John, are you in there?
John, come on out.
It's Kirby.
- I know.
- Silent and smooth, just like always.
- I better be. You taught me.
- I'm getting a little rusty.
- What's going on?
- Jenny, how are you?
- Jenny, I need to talk to your dad. Okay?
- Yeah? Got a warrant?
- Very funny.
- Jenny.
John, we've got a problem.
Someone's killing your men.
You gave them new identities.
There must have been a leak.
Lawson, Forrestal, Bennett,
they've all been hit.
- Who is doing it?
- You've made enemies all over the world.
It could have been the Syrians,
the South Americans...
the Russians or a terrorist group.
They're gonna find you.
We were going
to make a normal life here.
You will. I promise.
I'm going into the city to coordinate
with the Federal people.
We'll nail those bastards
before they get close to you.
In the meantime, Jackson and Harris
will stay here with you.
- Are they any good?
- Real good, but not as good as you were.
Is it bad?
I'm not leaving you,
if that's what you mean.
Then it can't be bad.
- How bad are you hit?
- I can make it. I'll be all right.
I've got to get my rifle from the shed.
Keep an eye out. They'll be coming.
Remember, you're downwind.
The air current may tip them off.
- Downwind? You think I can smell them coming?
- I did.
Okay, Jenny, you go to your bedroom, okay?
And stay out of sight. I'll be right back.
Where is she?
Mellow out, man.
We can't talk business with you
waving guns in people's faces.
Your daughter's safe, Colonel.
Whether she stays that way is up to you.
My people got some business with you.
If you want your kid back...
then you gotta cooperate.
- Right?
- Wrong.
He's coming at us with no brakes.
He's still coming, the crazy bastard.
He's gonna hit us.
Don't move, motherfucker.
- Bennett, I thought you were-
- Dead?
You thought wrong.
Ever since you had me
thrown out of your unit...
I've waited to pay you back.
Do you know what today is, Matrix?
- I wanted to use the real thing!
- Where's Jenny?
Do you remember me, Colonel?
I remember you, scumbag.
Especially the people
you've tortured and killed.
Colonel Matrix.
You do not understand
a country like Val Verde.
It is a country that needs...
a president who has
an understanding of discipline.
- Why tell me?
- Because...
you're going to return
to Val Verde...
and you are going to kill
the president...
that you helped to overthrow me.
Why don't you have Bennett do it?
Sounds like something
he would get off on.
Because President Velazquez
trusts you, Colonel.
After all, he made you
the hero of the revolution.
Captain Bennett left, shall we say,
under a cloud. Yes?
Yeah. He enjoyed killing
a little too much.
Your training, Matrix.
You can get close
to President Velazquez.
You will kill him.
You know, we went to
a lot of trouble to find you.
We had to pretend
Captain Bennett's death...
so that General Kirby would become
agitated and lead us to you...
and now that I have you,
you will do exactly...
as I tell you.
Fuck you.
- Daddy.
- Jenny.
Oh, you bastards.
Colonel Matrix, if you kill President
Velazquez, I will send her back to you.
If you try anything else...
I will mail her to you in pieces.
- Any sign of Matrix?
- No, sir. Just those bodies.
You think there's more, sir?
If he's still alive,
I'd expect a lot more.
Sully will make sure
you get on the plane.
Henriques will stay with you,
make sure you get off.
I don't hear from either one of'em,
she's dead.
How much are they paying you, Bennett?
They offered me a hundred grand.
You want to know something?
When I found out I'd get my hands on you,
I said I'd do it for

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