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He's the only chance
I've got of finding her.
If he sees me or I lose him,
he'll kill her.
What I need you to do is follow him,
tell him you're crazy about him.
Try to bring him over here.
I will do the rest...
and you can go back
to your normal life, got it?
- No.
- Please, help me. You're the only chance I've got.
She has less than 10 hours left.
Don't you understand?
They're gonna kill her.
Okay. All right.
I'll help you.
Listen, there's this huge guy outside
in a green T-shirt.
And he's a paranoid maniac
and he's kidnapped me...
and I need your help.
- I'll check it out.
- Thank you.
- I hear you're a great man with transmissions.
- That's right.
Oh, yeah.
These will work just fine.
Biggs, are you there? Listen.
There's a guy that may be a wacko.
I don't think
I can handle him alone.
I'll be right there. Wanna see me kick some ass?
- You'd better wait here, miss.
- Thank you.
Attention, all units.
Emergency on the theater level.
Suspect: Six feet two, brown hair.
He's one gigantic motherfucker.
This used to be a great place
for hunting slash.
It's got a little crowded now.
I think I found something though.
I'll see you.
What are you doing in here?
I'm waiting for my friend.
- Are you looking for me?
- You better come with us.
What? Matrix.
Give me a quarter.
Give me a quarter!
Move it!
- Oh, shit!
- Son of a bitch!
- Out of my way.
- Freeze!
- Come on! Let's go get him!
- Come on.
- Stop or I'll shoot!
- No!
Hey, Lady! Stop!
Wait! Wait for me!
Don't you go anywhere!
Who the hell are you, huh?
You steal my car.
You rip the seat out. You kidnap me.
You ask me to help you find your daughter,
which I very kindly do...
and then you get me involved
in a shootout where people are dying.
I watch you rip a phone booth
outta the wall...
swing from the ceiling like Tarzan
and then a cop is gonna shoot you...
and I save you,
and he starts chasing me!
Are you gonna tell me
what's going on or what?
- No.
- No? No? Oh, my God! Watch out!
What are you doing?
Oh! Look out!
This is not my day!
My car!
- Are you all right?
- I think I'm dead.
- You're all right. Wait for me.
- Okay.
- Where is she, Sully?
- Kiss my ass.
- I can't hear you.
- I'll say it louder then. Get fucked.
Your loyalty is very touching...
but it is not the most important thing
in your life right now.
What is important is gravity.
I have to remind you, Sully...
this is my weak arm.
You can't kill me.
You need me to find your daughter.
- Where is she?
- I don't know, but Cooke knows.
- I'll take you where
I'm supposed to meet him.
- But you won't.
- Why not?
- Because I already know.
Remember when I promised to kill you last?
- That's right. You did.
- I lied.
So now you don't have a car.
Now I do.
- What did you do with Sully?
- I let him go.
I'm sorry I got you involved in this.
Why don't you tell me
what this is all about?
- It's about her.
- Is this your daughter?
Some people are using her
to force me to do a job.
- If I don't get to her soon, they'll kill her.
- Did you do the job?
No. I knew they would
kill her even if I did it.
Her only chance now is that I get to her
before they find out what I'm doing.
Well, what about her mother?
She died when Jenny was born.
I'm sorry.
I was in Laos at the time.
So I came back
intending to raise her.
But I was never home.
When she was three,
I was in Lebanon.
When she was in grammar school,
I was in Angola.
When she had the measles,
I was in Pakistan.
And now she's been
kidnapped because of me.
Well, why did you have to
do all that traveling?
- Special assignments.
- Was that for the army or something?
- Or something.
- Oh.
What did you have to do?
Things you don't want to know about.
Things that


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