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I say again, Commando.
This is Whiskey Xray 448.
I have an emergency priority message
for a General Franklin Kirby.
I repeat,
General Franklin Kirby.
General, you'd better get out here.
We have your message on the Teletype.
- [Shouts]
- [Gunshots]
[Speaking Spanish]
[Speaking Spanish]
[Speaking Spanish]
[Speaking Spanish]
[Men Shouting In Spanish]
- Jenny!
- Daddy?
- [Screams]
- No. Not Daddy.
Come on!
Daddy. [Screams]
- John! How's your arm?
- Come over and find out.
No, thanks.
I think I'll take a pass.
John, stick your head out.
One shot,
right between the eyes.
I'll make it quick,
just for old times' sake.
Bennett, stop screwing around
and let the girl go.
- It's me that you want. I have only one arm.
- [Laughing]
You can beat me.
Come on, Bennett.
Throw away
that chickenshit gun.
You don't just want to pull a trigger.
Put the knife in me...
and look me in the eye
and see what's going on in there...
when you turn it.
- That's what you want to do, right?
- I can kill you, John.
Come on.
Let the girl go.
It's between you and me. Don't
deprive yourself of some pleasure.
Come on, Bennett.
Let's party.
- I can beat you.
- [Whimpers] No.
I don't need the girl.
- I don't need the girl!
- [Squeals]
I don't need the gun, John.
I can beat you.
I don't need no gun!
I'm gonna kill you now!
[Shouts, Laughs]
- Daddy.
- You're getting old, John.
You're getting old.
[Both Grunting]
John, I feel good,
just like old times.
What's it feel like
to be a dying man?
- You're a dead man!
- Bullshit!
John, I'm not gonna
shoot you between the eyes.
I'll shoot
you between the balls!
- [Steam Hisses]
- [Gagging]
Let off some steam,
Move out!
- Leave anything for us?
- Just bodies.
I'd just like you to start
up your unit again, John.
- All it would take is your coming back.
- This was the last time.
## [Rock]
Until the next time.
No chance.
## [Man Singing]
## [Continues]
## [Continues]
## [Continues]
## [Guitar Solo]
## [Singing Continues]
## [Continues]
## [Ends]What's that?
It sounds like the garbageman.
Oh? On Tuesday?
Maybe they changed the schedule.
Oh, shit.
Oh! Wait a minute!
Wait a minute!
Hey! Hold it up, you guys.
I was afraid you'd miss me.
Don't worry. We won't.
 Now that is American
You think the Japanese invented that?
Bullshit. We did.
Oh, for a while there we lost it,
but we got it back.
- I like Cadillacs.
- You like Cadillacs? Come around,
brother, get in this Cadillac.
You're gonna love it.
This is style and beauty.
Comfy, right? Oh, I know what
you're gonna say. That's vinyl.
Take it from me, you don't
want leather, brother. Leather's hot.
It's uncomfortable. It cracks. Nothing but trouble.
Look at the headroom in here.
A guy like you is not gonna have any problem.
Go ahead, start it up.
Listen to that. That's power.
- That's performance.
- You know what I like best?
- What's that?
- The price.
Hey! Wait a minute!
You can't drive that car in here!
Hey, guys, how's it going?
Workin'. Workin'.
Oh, Daddy, put me down!
I surrender. I surrender.
I love you too.
Here come the sandwiches.
Why don't they just call him
"Girl George"?
It would cut down all the confusion.
Oh, Dad, that's so old.
When I was a boy and rock and roll
came to East Germany...
the Communists said
it was subversive.
Maybe they were right.
- What's in this?
- You don't want to know.
Dad, what's wrong?
What's that Army helicopter doing here?
You said you wouldn't go away again.
- You said you were through.
- I'm not going anywhere.

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