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It sends your head spinning.
If you take fairy tales away
from people,
how would you explain to them
what they should live for?
People don't need
fairy tales.
What they need is the truth
for which one wouldn't
hesitate to die.
To die?
And what about living?
You're a good man,
but you're a private owner.
We shall live!
And there will come
the harmony of working people
on earth!
You got tired, Klavdia.
I got tired.
Aunt Klavdia,
where's your husband?
He was killed.
In action.
Don't cry, don't cry.
Everything will be all right.
Everything will be all right.
Comrade Vavilova,
the trams will never be
running in our town.
Aunt Klavdia,
come on, join us.
O Lord, do not hide Your face
on the day of our affliction.
Please hear us,
O Lord!
Eat, sonny. Eat.
Don't run out in the street,
in the street
the horses will knock you down.
Don't climb up a birch tree,
or you'll fall and hurt your head.
And don't be a naughty boy,
you hear me?
And when you grow up,
that your father was named Kirill,
just like you.
And your mother's name is Vavilova.
Madame Vavilova!
Madame Vavilova!
She's gone.
She's gone!
What kind of people they are, Maria?
The film was completed in 1988
at the Mosfilm Studio.
The End

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