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Endhe film has been awarded a special
jury prize, "Silver Bear"
at the 38th West Berlin International
Film Festival in 1988
International Film Critics
Jury Award of the International
Catholic Organization
of Film and Audio-Visual
Media in Information (OCIC)
Otto Dibelius Film Award
of the International
Evangelical Jury (Interfilm)
The material of this film
made in 1967
has been saved by the employees
M. Gorky Film Studio
Written and Directed by
Alexander Askoldov
Music by A. Schnittke
Cinematography by V. Ginsburg
Production Designer - S. Serebrennikov
Assistant Directors: V. Levin
V. Grigoriev, L. Prilutskaya
Nonna Mordyukova
Rolan Bykov
Raissa Nedashkovskaya
Ludmila Volynskaya
Vassily Shukshin
Based on the story by
V. Grossman
- Bath time.
- What?
I said, bath time.
Go on!
I've found Yemelin!
I've found Yemelin.
I've found Yemelin!
Is the mare with him?
No, he's alone.
Poor as a church mouse.
Shall I put up steam?
Shut up!
Let me pass.
He was hiding in a cellar,
feeding lice.
Come on.
What about some apple cider,
Stop this bullshit.
- Where's he?
- Over there.
- Where did you catch him?
- He's local.
He ran away two days ago
and went straight home.
- Did he put up resistance?
- No, only his wife did.
- His woman is sickly.
- A white-legged goose.
- Is the horse gone?
- No horse, no harness.
Open up!
Come out, Yemelin!
Some Red hero!
Violating Red Army
You traded the revolution
for a woman's skirt!
The revolution does not take revenge,
Yemelin. It defends itself.
In keeping with our conscience
and for the sake of our bright future,
I curse you!
And I put you under the tribunal!
What are you laughing at?
It's just stupid.
How did you end up with this?
Just like that.
I would have gotten rid of it,
but it was too late.
You know I haven't been off
the horseback for three months.
When I got to the hospital at last,
the doctor
refused to do it.
You're our fighting unit.
You want me to put
you under the tribunal?
I even threatened him with my Mauser,
he refused anyway. Too late, he said.
Who is it who's made you heavy,
Stop that bullshit.
All right, forget it.
But who will I put in your place?
Maybe that one...
...from the division's political
He's a strong Communist.
You're all strong Communists.
The anniversary's almost here!
Who's going to lead a discussion
in your battalion?
The steward should
be given it hot.
He delayed the delivery of boots.
As for cutting the cloth for puttees,
let them do it themselves.
How can one do the fighting with you?
Are you going to give birth soon?
Yes, very soon.
There're many disgruntled
in the second company.
Especially that curly-headed one
who sings all the time.
- Hello, Magazannik!
- Hello, hello.
How are you doing?
How can I be doing if the man from
Communal Department comes to see me?
You'll have to get cramped a bit,
Comrade Magazannik.
They think
I'm Rothschild!
What impudence!
The bourgeois have been done with!
And the Soviet power
has only one room left.
Magazannik's room.
We thought you a politically
conscious man, and you...
The Soviet power
takes a room
from a working man
with six children.
What about the grocer Davidson?
And the clothier Khodorov?
And the millionaire Ashkenazi?
Madame officer!
Comrade officer!
Stop it.
We were so happy
when you had won.
You should be our protectors!
The devil take you!
- I'm going to throw her away!
- Yefim!
There's no such rule that
I should give her my bed!
I'm very sorry.
There's no such rule
that I must give my bed!
Follow me!
Mount up!
Get out of your cellars,
you won't be punished!
Come on, get out of your cellar,
you won't be punished.
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