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All right, Steve Kiefer
will be the batter.
Jerry, I need two rum collins,
twoJack Daniel's...
one on the rocks...
and a Heineken.
- What'll it be?
- Jerry, I need
two rum collins,
twoJack Daniel's...
one on the rocks...
and a Heineken.
He brought
those hands in.
He did.
Fought it off.
He's got another shot.
What's the matter?
Are you afraid of me
or somethin'?
Honey, I'm on
this side.
Hey, baby.
All right.
Yanks in a jam.
How ya doin'?
Three and two,
bases loaded.
Three and two, bases loaded.
No place to put him.
Gotta make him swing.
Gotta make him swing!
Leiter winds.
Leiter winds.
He got him!
That huckleberry
went for a bad pitch.
He got him!
That huckleberry
went for a bad pitch.
Leiter's unbelievable.
Man could throw a lamb chop
past a goddamn wolf.
And once again,
one of the Brewers swings
under that rising fastball.
Hey! Watch it!
Watch your damn...
Extra hop on your ball.
Able to go back and get it,
and that's youth for you.
Organization is the key.
U.S. Postal Service.
I handled one of
the toughest zip codes
in the country.
Ask anyone in 10021
about Henry Sikorsky.
Would you mind
cleaning up your area?
No one likes
a Mr. Messy.
Fuck you.
He refuses
to clean up his area.
Leave me alone,
Do I sense some hostility here?
Why don't we
bring this up in group?
Or maybe
we should just hug.
Would someone please
take me back to my room!
My brothers and sisters!
- I want to give your soul
a wake-up call!
- Yes!
I want to putJesus...
on the line.!
- Don't hang up on him now.
- No!
No! Pick up that phone
and say,
- Jesus!"
- Yeah!
He's listening. Lord,
I know he's listening.
- Can I get an amen?
- Amen!
Can I get an amen.!
We got the spirit...
here tonight!
Who is gonna witness for me?
We got the Lord on the line!
Who is gonna take the call?
Please don't leave God on hold.
Oh, no!
You have called,
and I have answered!
Come in!
We have a witness!
- Witness!
- Witness.!
I came to tell you
that I was once a lover
of the things of this world.
I made $100,000 a year.
I had a house in Scarsdale
with a big blue swimming pool.
- [Shouts Of Affirmation]
- Yes, brothers,
I lived the white man's lie.
- [Shouts Of Affirmation]
- Yes, but I was lost!
Yes. I was dancin'
with alcohol.
I was lovin' drugs!
- And there were women.
- Oh, yeah!
Brothers and sisters...
Oh, God, there were women!
- Fine women!
- Yes!
But I hadn't hit bottom yet.
Oh, no.
I just kept fallin',
right on through the floor!
- And that's when God found me.
- Amen!
- Right.
- Yes, yes.
- And you know
what he said to me?
- What'd he say?
And I've been persecuted
for speaking this truth.
He said to me, "Son!"
Lay this on us!
That's what
he called me.
And I said, "'Son'?"
And he said, "Yes.
Yes! You are the Son of God!"
- [Shouting]
- [Man] Blasphemy.!
And I said,
"What, Lord?"
And he said,
"It's time for you...
"to leave behind
the things of this world...
"the fine houses,
the fancy cars,
the flashy clothes!"
Because we are all naked
in the eyes of the Lord.!
This man
is clinically insane!
He is presently undergoing
treatment at the Cedarbrook
Hospital under my supervision!
If I only saved
one soul in there,
it was well worth it.
Move on.
So, am I walking home with
an escaped mental patient,
or what?
Heh-heh. Nah.
I got a weekend pass.
I aced
my Rorschach test.
You got your shoes on.
You're not drooling.
I'm impressed.
Are you still writing?
I'm still makin' things up.
You know what?
I keep telling these guys
my girlfriend's an actress,
and every day
we check out the soaps
lookin' for you.
You still actin'?
What the hell's
the matter with you?
Sure, I'm still acting.
It's Linda
in A
Команда мечты Команда мечты

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