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man's insane!
Get your ass over there.
Nice goin; Albert.
Another win for the Yanks.
- I'll take that, Albert.
- Henry,
give the gun
back to the guard.
I know I can count on you.
I appreciate that, sir.
I hope this won't
affect our relationship
or my standing at the hospital.
Let me hold the gun.
I let you sit
in the front seat.
Jack, Jesus Christ
would never point a gun
at another human being.
Stay out of my psychosis
and get your ass
in that van.
Hope these aren't
too tight, fellas.
Now, I hope everyone got
the partners they wanted.
Come on!
If we're not at
Eastside Psychiatric
in 15 minutes,
every policeman in this city
will be looking for you.
- Then that's
where we're goin'.
- [Siren Wailing]
They've gotten themselves
pretty worked up.
I'd recommend
25 milligrams ofThorazine
at four-hour intervals.
I don't know, Doctor.
I don't know if 25's
gonna do it.
Remember, we had
to restrain one of them.
Let's go for 50 or 100.
What the hell.
[Men Yelling]
I'm... I'm a medical doctor!
You're making a mistake.
This is Dr. Verboven.
I am a doctor.
I am Dr. Talmer.
You don't understand!
Paranoid delusion.
A couple of them actually
think they're doctors.
Go easy on them.
They've been through a lot.
[Dr. Talmer]
We are the doctors.!
They are the patients.!
Oh, the pain.
[Woman On P.A.]
Dr. Sachs, please call 452.
Dr. Sachs, please call 452.
555. Thanks.
[Elevator Bell Dings]
Wait a second! Yo!
Thank you.
Albert, sit up here.
Listen, all I want you
to do is sit here and
stay out of trouble, okay?
You better give me that gun
for safekeeping.
All I'm asking you guys for
is a couple minutes of
sanity in there, all right?
We're doctors.
Remember, we're doctors.
We're not wackos, okay?
Jack, not a peep out
of the Messiah.
I'm not gonna make
any death threats.
Henry... Actually, Henry,
do your stuff.
Ready? Let's go.
Come on.
[Bell Dings]
Hard to believe
those patients could
do something like this.
The Lord
will judge them,
Dr. Bauer, not you.
You know their pathology
better than I do.
That we do.
Arise and walk,
my son.
Dr. McDermott's a great believer
in the natural healing powers
of the mind.
I see.
[Bell Dings]
[Doors Open]
This is Dr. Meekum,
our chief neurologist.
We have some reservations
about the move.
Relax, Meekum.
The guy only weighs
150 pounds soakin' wet.
It's not like
you're trying to move
a piano or something, huh?
Excuse me. Do you have
an extra stethoscope?
Sure. Take this one.
How about
one of those ear lights?
- I love these things.
- Come on, Henry.
Down on the right.
The patient has
a fractured ankle,
but I'm more concerned
about the short-term trauma
of the parietal lobe.
I'm concerned too.
This chart is a mess.
Smudges, poor penmanship,
no regard for margins.
Dr. Verboven can be
such a perfectionist.
That's what makes him
such a great
Vital signs are good.
Zip code checks out.
Okay, great. Dr. Meekum,
thank you very much.
You're my kind
of neurologist.
Fellas, let's do it.
Come on.
Hey, I know you.
Yeah. Dwight, right?
Hey, you can read.
Yeah. You used to work
at Lenox Hill.
Maybe I did. You never know.
Yeah, well, we were
just wondering...
why a good-looking guy
like you has stayed
single for so long.
Hey, Dwight Smith was born
single, and Dwight Smith's
gonna die single.
Dwight Smith is gonna die
unemployed if he doesn't get
that monitor down the hall.
Bye, Dwight.
See ya.
Billy, I think they're here.
Well, looks like
we're going to lose you.
Your colleagues
have come to take you home.
Dr. Weitzman,<
Команда мечты Команда мечты

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