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Команда мечты

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Do some time
in the Big Apple.
I got it confirmed:
Our man is off the room.
The bad news is
the patient's starting
to come around.
We'd better get there
before he answers
any questions.
What kind of moron takes
four mental patients
to a baseball game?
Ceramics. Ceramics.
That's more our speed.
Making those little ashtrays
with our fuckin' names on it.
Goddamn it!
We're the drool patrol.
Are you gonna replace
that mattress?
I think we do your lobotomy
right here and now.
Scrub up, Albert.
That does it, Caufield.
You'll be whistling
a different tune
at 240 volts.
You're not a doctor!
You don't have
the medical background
to squeeze a pimple!
You guys ought to be cast
into the outer darkness.
The rec hall
will look pretty damn good
from the bowels ofhell.
Listen to me, you nut ball.
I got big news for you.
You're gonna be
the first Supreme Being ever
to make a license plate!
Working with metal:
Next on Mr. Fix It.
And you.
You, you're nothing.
You're not anything.
You know what's goin' on,
don't ya? You know.
He probably speaks
seven different
Then he sneaks off
to call his broker.
But we'll never know.
You know why?
'Cause you're
a professional basket case.
You're too damn scared
to be a real person.
Go ahead. Sing us
the national anthem,
you bozo.
[Man Speaking Spanish]
Hey, you sucka.!
You got a lady here
to see you.
- Didn't this place
used to be blue?
- That was the 15th Precinct.
Oh, yeah. The smartest thing
you can do right now
is walk out of here.
- I wanna help you guys.
- What do you wanna help us for?
I don't even wanna help us.
We're hopeless.
What's hopeless?
Me, you, those guys
in there? What?
- Those guys are lab rats.
- I saw you get arrested
for one of those lab rats.
Hate to break it to you,
Billy, but you're not
a street fighter anymore.
- You're a den mother.
- I'm a den mother in stir.
Can you get up
to Mercy Hospital?
Somebody's gotta warn
Dr. Weitzman.
There's two guys
trying to kill him,
and they're both cops.
- I swear to God.
- Cops?
They're undercover cops.
One guy's older
with gray hair.
The other guy's
much younger.
That's all I know.
Come on. They're
moving you now.
I swore this wasn't
gonna happen to me again.
You. It's awful.
Come on.
You're breakin'
my heart.
You're bustin' my balls.
How you doin'?
[Man On P.A.]
Lieutenant Harrison
to the dispatch office, please.
Where'd you get
this little beauty?
Courtesy of that bust
down on Canal Street.
No serial number,
no sales record.
All it does is go,
[Engine Starts]
Missed ya.
Well, you boys look like
you're already back
on Thorazine.
What did he say?
He called me a shithead.
The guy called me shithead.
I love it. I love it!
You're right.
I was a shithead.
I'm sorry.
Albert, this might be
the highlight of my report.
It's a goddamn miracle.
It's not a miracle, Jack.
No, it's not a miracle.
See, Weitzman knew
what he was doin'.
Weitzman knew what he was doin'.
Albert just told me
where to get off.
That's progress, right?
Henry, you went home,
you discovered you weren't
the Department of Sanitation.
Jack, you remembered
you're a better copywriter
than a messiah.
I got news for you psychos.
We're gettin' better.
We're gettin' better,
and we're not gonna
let them take us back...
to finger-painting class,
are we?
Are we gonna let
those cops bury Weitzman?
Are we?
Are we?
Are we?
Come on.
Keep together.
What's wrong with him?
Gotta take a leak.
Tell him to hold it.
Okay, but it's gonna be like
drivin' around in a litter box.
Dr. Talmer, I'm gonna
take one of'em back in.
Book 'em, Danno!
Don't move!
Команда мечты Команда мечты

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