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can't really
blame me for that, can you?
Your lunch date is here.
- Lunch date? It's 3:00.
- I don't think he cares.
Memory lane, huh, Jack?
Nobody ever wrote copy
like you did.
TheJames Joyce
of Chef Boyardee.
Remember that?
Look, I'm desperate, Tom.
I need money.
The Lord sent me.
Now, I know the last time
he sent me...
I tried to throw
Murray and all his Clios
out the window.
Well, I guess we should be
thankful Murray didn't fit.
I think I came
a long way, Tom.
There's a doctor down there
who believes in me.
We've been talking
about giving Jesus
his walking papers,
but we've run into
one complication: :
I'm talking
about murder, Tom.
Someone is trying
to kill my doctor.
Hmm. That is a problem.
Murray! Look who I found.
Long time no see.
Hi, Murray.
We were just reminiscing.
Uh, listen, Tom,
have you heard
from Mitachi yet?
- We're ready to commit
hari-kari out here.
- Soon as I hear, Murray.
Murray looks like he's
under a lot of pressure.
Well, it's a $30 million
piece of old Nippon, Jack.
- We're sweatin'out the call
from John Benson right now.
- Benson?
I used to think
he was the devil.
Now I know he's just
another bozo trying to do
a piece of business.
Well, things haven't
changed much around here, Jack.
That's him.
Sorry, Jack.
[People Chattering]
[Elevator Bell Dings]
- Murray, congratulations.
- What are you talking about?
Benson called
while I was in there.
You got the Mitachi account.
[Woman] What?
The Mitachi account?
We got it?
- Yeah.
- Really? We got it?
We got Mitachi
We got Mitachi
Just kidding.
Wa wa wa waah
Who is it, dear?
They called here
this afternoon.
I told 'em I hadn't
heard from you in two years.
Why didn't you
answer my letters?
I thought I lost you.
I was afraid to find out.
They arrested
those other patients.
It's up to me now.
I've got to get the guys
and the doctor out of there.
I need some money.
I know it sounds crazy.
I believe you.
I don't know why.
It's maybe because
I want to so much.
It's $170.
That's all I have
in the house.
This means a lot.
Do you really have to go?
They laugh at me all the time,
but I know they need me now.
Miss Ferguson
gives you a star...
when you color it
the right color.
Parrots are green and...
canaries are yellow.
Can I have that
for my pictures?
You're very welcome.
When are you coming home
to live with us
some more?
Do you want me to?
When you're ready.
I'm on a tight schedule.
I hope they're
ready to leave.
I'm sure they are.
There are your patients,
Thanks. We'll just be a minute.
Officer, is something wrong?
Everything's fine,
Nice goin', Doc.
[Woman] Opposition leaders
have threatened
continued violence...
as well as nationwide strikes,
demanding new elections.
In local news, the last of
the mental patients missing
from Cedarbrook Hospital...
surrendered to police
this afternoon.
The four are believed to be
responsible for the attack
on their doctor...
during a visit
to New York City...
and may be involved
in the murder of
a New York police officer.
The men have just been
arraigned at 100 Centre Street,
where they entered pleas
of not guilty...
to charges of assault
and attempted murder.
Hmm. I guess
that's the last
of theJames Gang.
Ed, leave it on.
[TVTurns Off]
...bizarre series of events.
Forget him, Riley.
The guy's insane.
At least he's not
a schmuck.
Just one.
Uh, no comment.
You'll have to wait
for my report.
News at 11:00.
Let's go to the videotape.
I shall rise again
in three days.
Count on it.
I got a big story for you.
We came to town to see
a ball game.
Now they want
to give us the chair.
I love New York.
Bring your kids.
Have 'em
Команда мечты Команда мечты

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