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through the mail?
Did you guys
log out with Alvarez?
Yeah, but that was
this morning.
Well, his wife's
been calling.
If you see him.
[Clears Throat,
Very thorough.
Names, dates,
dollar figures.
Every sucker
we ever shook down?
This officially concludes
Mr. Alvarez's investigation.
We're lookin' good.
We've got a dead
New York City cop,
and we've got a witness.
Ergo, we are not
looking good.
Speak English,
A dead man is not a witness.
No, it doesn't look...
It doesn't look bigger.
It just looks nicer.
Oh, Jesus.
It does.
I'm home.
This is where
you live?
[Clicks Tongue]
Sane people get
all the breaks, huh?
Look, uh, I can't
invite you up.
Sure, you can. You just say,
"Hey, Bill, you wanna come up?"
No. Um, this is
my friend's place.
Is this friend a guy?
Look, Bill, he's got a job,
and he pays his bills.
I never had to
bail him out of jail.
You know.
A woman sometimes
finds that attractive in a man.
Sounds dull.
His name is Ed,
and I told you
all about him.
You told me you were datin' him.
This is a pretty serious date.
You've been gone
for over a year and a half.
How long did you expect me
to hold my breath out here?
You want the truth?
Okay, there is
no weekend pass.
This doctor
brings us into the city
to see a Yankee game,
and then he disappears
on 48th Street.
He took numb-nuts
down an alley to take a pee,
and the doctor never came back.
So where are
these other, um...
I don't know.
Boy, you ought to
see these guys.
They're a couple
of beauties.
One guy barely speaks,
one thinks he's Jesus,
and the other one,
he's crazier
than any of them.
Kinda reminds me
of your brother Lenny.
Oh, boy.
What's gonna happen
to them?
How the hell
should I know?
They're just
a bunch of screwballs
from my group.
Group therapy?
No. My fencing group.
Yeah, group therapy.
Wait a minute.
You and these guys
get together...
and share the most intimate
secrets of your lives,
and then when
there's a problem,
you just walk away
and leave them?
Fine. Fine.
I'm totally
all right? Okay?
You satisfied?
I see you haven't
changed much, Billy.
You almost knocked
that plant over.
I can't believe you.
Have a nice life.
Thanks. I will.
[Motor Whirring]
Stop! Who dares to tow
the van of the living Christ?
The city of New York,
Fifty for the violation.
for the tow...
and twenty bucks a day
for storage.
Thank you, Officer.
I won't let you down.
Father, forgive us,
for we have sinned.
We parked our car
in a forbidden zone.
Where the hell's Albert?
[Engine Starts]
Whoa.! Hey, you can't tow this.
There's a guy back there.
[Tires Screech]
Jack, come here.
Hey, you wanna move
Beauregard here?
Yeah, right.
Come on, Albert.
You okay?
I mean, you know,
as okay as you get.
Close call at second.
Well, we just caught
a major break.
We could be back
in the ward,
staring at the goddamn walls
right now, but we're not.
Instead, what do we got, fellas?
We got a night on the town.
This is God's way
of telling us
we're going to die.
They were due back at 11:30.
I thought I should call you.
It's almost 1:00.
I was against this thing
from the start.
It could be traffic,
a flat tire. Who knows?
If he broke down,
he should've phoned.
I'll call the Turnpike
Authority, see if there
have been any accidents.
Jeff's a responsible guy.
I'm sure everything's under control.
I think we should
review our goals.
[Billy] Review our goals.
Wacko, we gotta find
the doctor.
Who put you in charge?
I'm in charge here.
Read the New Testament, Sparky.
You'll find out who's in charge.
[Billy] Get out of the way!
Albert, you step on my foot
one more time,
Команда мечты Команда мечты

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