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right there in
the Dust Bowl with them.
I'm beginning to realize
that you are one of the last
of the great idealists.
And I gotta tell you that,
on this floor,
that's really something.
What brings you up here, Doc?
Oh, um, we're going
to the game tomorrow.
We're going with the veggies?
Oh. There's about 65,000 seats
up at that stadium.
But I don't want you
to get your hopes up,
because they're all
screwed down.
Ahhh! Ah, it's great
to be young and insane.
Henry, I had the kitchen
make us brownies.
I'd like you
to be in charge
of passing them out.
All right, but none for
the Bishop of Bullshit.
And, guys,
a little pocket money.
You each get $10
for some hot dogs
at the stadium.
Yeah. Alcohol for the unstable.
I love it.
No beer, Bill.
Just sodas. Okay?
I think it's best
that I hold the money.
We don't want to have a wild
shopping spree that might
embarrass your good name, sir.
I drove the moneylenders
from the temple.
I can handle a ten-spot.
Now for the Yankees, number 10,
Alexander Hamilton.
Albert, if you wanna eat yours
before we get to the stadium,
that's your decision.
But I gotta tell you,
those dogs out there
are worth the wait.
All right. Let's go!
[Both Grunting]
I'm riding up front
with the doctor!
I can't ride in the back.
I get carsick!
All right. Come on. Come on!
Dr. Weitzman,
I'm not going!
That maniac
took my seat!
All right.
Jack, I promised Henry
that he could navigate.
I'll let you ride up front
on the way back. All right?
Thank you. Thank you.
Okay? You all right?
Okay, good.
It's all right.
You all right?
Come on, Rizzuto.
Mileage to date:
97,411 and 2/10ths miles.
Thank you, Henry.
[Weitzman] We got
a beautiful day for the game.
All right. Don't get nervous.
We got two wide lanes.
Plenty of room.
No worse than the cafeteria
at lunch time, huh, Albert?
Close call.
Close call.
Now, when we get to
the stadium, guys, we're
gonna use the buddy system.
Doc, I think
you might wanna explain
the buddy system to Henry.
I don't need anybody to tell me
what the buddy system is.
- I just don't fraternize
with patients.
- Ah.
I didn't have buddies
when I was on the cross.
I don't need one now.
All right, guys.
Come on. Let's lighten up.
We're goin' to a baseball game.
Come on.
["Hit The Road, Jack"
On Radio]
Let's get down!
Okay, here we go.
Hit the road, Jack
And don't you come back...
Come on. Everybody, come on.
No more,
no more, no more
Hit the road, Jack
and don't you
come back no more
 What you say
Hit the road, Jack
And don't you come back
no more, no more,
no more, no more
Hit the road, Jack
and don't you come back
no more
Oh, woman, oh, woman
don't you treat me so mean
You're the meanest old woman
that I ever have seen
I guess if you say so
I'll just pack my bags
and go
 That's right
Hit the road, Jack
And don't you come back
no more, no more
no more, no more
Hit the road, Jack
and don't you come back
no more
There it is, guys.
New York.
Some kinda town.
See those
two towers over there?
Yeah, World Trade Center.
I was the architectural
consultant on that gig.
First they just wanted
to put up one. I said,
"Fellas, we're here.
What the hell,
throw the other one up."
Turned out
pretty nice, didn't it?
Holland Tunnel,
next right.
Good work, Henry.
[On Radio]
 Well, I guess if you say so
I'll have to pack
my things and go
 That's right
Hit the road, Jack
We're directly under
the Hudson River now.
Yeah. You guys see
those tiles up there,
all those individual tiles?
Hey, Doc, isn't it true
that if even one of those tiles
were to come loose,
Команда мечты Команда мечты

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