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It's all right, Albert.
I think we'll keep you
on the bench for this one.
Did my best.
This is the group that you want
to take out tomorrow, Jeff.
Hey, you got some
pretty chronic types here.
I screened the group.
I didn't pick them
out of a hat.
And I'm seeing some progress.
Breaking windows
is progress?
They're bickering.
They're annoying
the hell out of each other.
- It's great.
- Throw four dogs in a room,
they'll fight.
No, they're standing up
for themselves.
Th-Their real identities
are creeping back slowly.
Quite candidly, Jeff,
some of the staff
feel this whole trip
is more trouble than it's worth.
One of these patients
has not been outside
an institution in 12 years.
Yeah, but that's the point.
And Caufield is like
a walking time bomb.
- You can almost hear him ticking.
- You could turn around, and...
he'll be out on the ball field
kicking dirt on an umpire.
Why can't you guys just
watch the game on TV
in the rec room?
Oh, God. One more afternoon
in the rec room, I'm gonna have
to go on Thorazine myself.
- [Chuckles]
- You got more of a sense of
humor about this than I do.
Frankly, I find it
difficult to sanction this.
It's a five-hour field trip.
We're not going up
the south face of Everest.
I thinkJeff is
overdramatizing this
just a little bit.
Watching Albert dying in here,
that's drama.
- Oh, come on!
- Nobody's dying in here.
Look, look, look.
If these guys are gonna spend
the rest of their lives
in an institution,
I wanna give them the chance
to taste a hot dog
at Yankee Stadium,
or hear the crowd roar
when Mattingly hits one out.
That's gotta be worth
a couple hours of my time.
[Clicks Tongue]
Well, I'm not sure...
what the therapeutic value
of a ballpark frank is
for four psychotics.
We got it.
Doctor, do you think
the other patients are ready?
Is that
the correct time?
[Man On Radio]
We see a church that is weak,
a church that has lost its way!
We seek Christians
who do not know who they are...
Christians who seek
their true selves...
Box seats
on the right field line.
- Will the atheists be there?
- We're all gonna be there.
All the faiths
will be represented.
...discover in themselves
the Lord Jesus Christ...
It's gonna be great.
And know his divine love,
they will suffer!
You are a lot better
than that guy.
I know
my identity.
Do you know
who you are?
Fella ain't got
a soul of his own, just...
a little piece of a big soul.
The one big soul
that belongs to everybody.
- Then...
- [Woman]
Then what, Tom?
Then it don't matter.
I'll be all around in the dark.
I'll be everywhere...
wherever you can look.
Wherever there's a fight
so hungry people can eat,
I'll be there.
Wherever there's a cop
beatin' up a guy,
I'll be there.
That is one of
my favorite scenes
of all time.
Makes me wanna puke.
Come on.
You were right there in
the Dust Bowl with them.
I'm beginning to realize
that you are one of the last
of the great idealists.
And I gotta tell you that,
on this floor,
that's really something.
What brings you up here, Doc?
Oh, um, we're going
to the game tomorrow.
We're going with the veggies?
Oh. There's about 65,000 seats
up at that stadium.
But I don't want you
to get your hopes up,
because they're all
screwed down.
Ahhh! Ah, it's great
to be young and insane.
Henry, I had the kitchen
make us brownies.
I'd like you
to be in charge
of passing them out.
All right, but none for
the Bishop of Bullshit.
And, guys,
a little pocket money.
You each get $10
for some hot dogs
at the stadium.
Yeah. Alcohol for the unstable.
I love it.
No beer, Bill.
Just sodas. Okay?
I think it's best
that I hold the money.
We don't want to have a wild
shopping spree that might
embarrass your good name, sir.
I drove the moneylenders
from the
Команда мечты Команда мечты

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