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Well, my original goal
was to rid my agency
of Satan's influence...
and to bring Jesus Christ back
into the advertising business,
where he belongs.
Yes, but I think that
the revised goal
that we talked about...
was finding a position
forJack McDermott,
not forJesus Christ.
Dr. Weitzman, he's still
walking around naked.
I think he has
a long way to go.
For a guy who runs the universe,
he's scared shitless.
That's my diagnosis too.
Jack, let me ask you a question.
You raised yourself
from the dead, right?
Did the agency give you
extra perks with that,
or just those three days off?
You weren't there!
I was pulling down
a hundred big ones
a year...
when you and Satan
were out chasing
Daryl Hannah!
Do I sense
some hostility here?
Maybe they should
role play this, Doctor.
- You wanna talk
about this, Jack?
- I was senior V.P.
I had a corner office.
They crucified me.
- [Jack Sighs]
- [Weitzman]
You're doing great, Jack.
You know, it takes time,
but you're doing great.
Yes, Henry.
Oh, great.
I've been waiting
for this all morning.
Dr. Demento speaks.
On the first Monday
of every month,
it is my intention
to submit to you,
Dr. Weitzman,
a complete report
of all infractions
of hospital rules,
particularly by
these patients.
Who's gonna do
the report on you,
you jerk-off?
[Scoffs] See what
I'm up against, Doctor?
- He's worse than I am.
- Guys, guys, come on.
We're all in this together,
right? That's what this group
is about. We're a team.
Exactly. But these idiots
don't understand that.
Yeah. Henry, would you mind
if I made a small observation?
Just listen to it.
Leave the clipboard.
Just listen.
I know that you're trying
to be helpful,
and we all appreciate it,
but focusing on other people's
problems is really just a way
of avoiding your own.
Oh. Exactly.
Fine. Right.
So let's talk about you.
I have seven letters
from your wife in my office.
She hasn't heard from you
in a year and a half, Henry.
I don't wanna talk about that.
I want you to know
it's safe in here.
We're all here for you.
Everything is so disorganized,
such a mess.
Well, reality's messy, Henry.
But that's okay.
It's not for you
to clean it up.
But who else
is gonna do it?
Not these guys.
It's tough to take orders
from a guy who irons his socks.
I want you to do me
a favor, Henry.
I don't... Uh, uh!
I don't want you
to pick it up. I don't
want you to think about it.
It's not
your responsibility.
Good. Good.
Next week, we'll work on leaving
the rest of the pieces of paper
in the world where they are.
You're gonna find out
that chaos is okay, Henry.
Chaos is great.
Could we go now?
Every week you get up
and say, "Can we go now?"
And every week I tell you,
"We haven't heard
from Albert yet."
Nobody's ever heard from Albert.
I've had better conversations
with cheese.
This is just Albert's way of
dealing with things right now.
Okay? Sit down.
This is not okay.
What's that?
This is Brian's
Every day an innocent man
is deprived of his dessert,
and we sit here and do nothing.
Ohh. Boy, you could do
some time for that,
Big Al.
Oh, boy.
Brian's cupcake.
I say we drag him outside
and beat the shit out of him.
Guys, guys.
Brian isn't complaining,
so let's just drop it.
All right?
Don't worry about
the cupcake, Albert.
You were going to work on saying
the names of the guys
in the group. You wanna try?
Billy. Henry. Jack.
Dr. Weitzman.
You wanna try?
Strike three, Doc.
There's no joy in Mudville.
You know, three weeks ago,
before we came off medication,
Albert wasn't trying
to communicate with anybody.
At least we now know
that he's listening.
Yeah. To Phil Rizzuto.
Команда мечты Команда мечты

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