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with that.
Looked just like mine.
[Door Slams Shut]
These chairs are all wrong.
I can't leave you guys
alone two minutes.
Albert, you're facing
the wrong way.
Nobody doesn't like
Sara Lee
Don't you know
what a semicircle is?
I don't want him
next to me.
He smells
like tuna fish.
Look what you did.
Four minutes and 27 seconds,
Mr. Caufield.
There are some patients
that just make a therapist
want to shake his head.
Straighten out
that chair.
Hey, Henry,
imagine this:
My chair is straight,
and all the other chairs
are out of order.
Now, there's a real
mind bender for you, right?
You're living in
a fantasy world, William.
Dr. Weitzman is not
gonna like this.
This group will not start
until you straighten out
that chair.
All right.
I don't want to
have to do this.
The orders came down this
morning. I've been officially
put in charge of this group.
American Psychiatric Society.
Chair stays where it is.
- Let me see that.
- Nah. Sorry. Classified.
I know one of your fantasies
when I hear one, William.
If you don't straighten out
that chair, I'm gonna
straighten it out for you.
All right.
- Straighten out the chair!
- [Glass Breaking]
Looks like one of our chairs
tried to make a break for it, huh?
Billy did it, Dr. Weitzman.
It'll all be in my report.
Look, you're all feeling
a little bit on edge these days.
It's very normal when you're
coming off medication. Bill?
But you gotta believe me,
these chairs...
are innocent.
Now, sit down, Bill.
Okay, team.
Before we begin, Henry,
would you take
the jacket off, please?
And put the clipboard away.
We're gonna be using
my notes today.
Good. Thank you.
Who wants to start?
You want to talk about
what just happened here?
I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.
I just flashed back to Nam.
- You never made it to Vietnam.
- He was too violent for Vietnam.
[Weitzman] I wish you'd take
some of your imagination and
start writing again, Bill.
[Snores] Doc.
I get up, I take a shower,
I put on my clothes.
What do you want from me?
Well, last time we talked about
trying to accept reality
as it is, you know,
and not make it up
as you go along.
I don't see how William
expects to make
any kind of progress.
He never reads my reports.
No wonder he's never
done anything.
What do you call
finishing second at Daytona?
A half dozen speeding tickets
doesn't make you
a race car driver.
You told me you played
for the New York Rangers.
Are you saying I didn't?
Attacking a referee
on the ice doesn't make you
a hockey player either.
That guy had no right
to be an N.H.L. Referee.
It did get you into
our group, didn't it?
I say we skip him
and move on to someone
of greater consequence.
We'll be with you
in a minute, Jack.
All right, Bill. Bill.
Why don't we start by reviewing
some goals from last time.
What about my new goal?
Daryl Hannah.
[Chuckles] All right.
Can we just stay out of fantasy
for a minute, please?
If you're talking about
a relationship, how about one
with a regular girl?
Why don't you let me out
so I can find a regular girl.
Nurse Kremmel
looks like Luca Brasi.
All God's creatures
are beautiful.
Not her.
No, not her.
Dr. Weitzman, I think we should
devote this entire session
to William.
He's way behind
the rest of us.
Can we take another vote
on Henry's lobotomy?
Come on! Let me
have a show of hands?
That was never discussed.
Was it?
Come on, Doc.
You could vote too. Put it up.
I'm not gonna vote. Sit down.
Put your hand down,
We had a majority.
[Sucking Sound]
All right. Jack.
Now, last time we had you
set a goal for
Команда мечты Команда мечты

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