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trying to move
a piano or something, huh?
Excuse me. Do you have
an extra stethoscope?
Sure. Take this one.
How about
one of those ear lights?
- I love these things.
- Come on, Henry.
Down on the right.
The patient has
a fractured ankle,
but I'm more concerned
about the short-term trauma
of the parietal lobe.
I'm concerned too.
This chart is a mess.
Smudges, poor penmanship,
no regard for margins.
Dr. Verboven can be
such a perfectionist.
That's what makes him
such a great
Vital signs are good.
Zip code checks out.
Okay, great. Dr. Meekum,
thank you very much.
You're my kind
of neurologist.
Fellas, let's do it.
Come on.
Hey, I know you.
Yeah. Dwight, right?
Hey, you can read.
Yeah. You used to work
at Lenox Hill.
Maybe I did. You never know.
Yeah, well, we were
just wondering...
why a good-looking guy
like you has stayed
single for so long.
Hey, Dwight Smith was born
single, and Dwight Smith's
gonna die single.
Dwight Smith is gonna die
unemployed if he doesn't get
that monitor down the hall.
Bye, Dwight.
See ya.
Billy, I think they're here.
Well, looks like
we're going to lose you.
Your colleagues
have come to take you home.
Dr. Weitzman,
I'll bet you didn't
expect to see us, did you?
Look who's here.
Dr. Verboven.
Dr. Henry Verboven.
That's exactly right.
And Nurse McDermott
made it as well.
They're very close.
- Quite a devoted staff,
Dr. Weitzman.
- Yeah, yeah.
Well, you know we're
under a time crunch here.
We've got
Officer lanuzzi downstairs
waiting in an ambulance.
So, shall we?
Dr. Bauer, would you mind
if I had a few moments alone
with my colleagues?
Thank you.
What? What? What?
- Riley.
- Dr. Riley?
No. Just Riley.
I have a feeling
it's time for group.
If you're wondering
what happened to my clipboard,
I gave it to my daughter.
I went back
to the agency.
If they get Mitachi,
they're gonna need
some good copy.
I might have to let
Murray go though.
Get me security.
Get him to the ambulance.
Excuse me. There have been
a number of obscene phone calls
made from this extension here.
This isn't
for personal use, girls.
Ah, ah! Hey!
Come on! Next time
you guys get the urge,
use a pay phone, okay?
Come on. Hey!
Wait a minute.
- Wait a minute.
- Damn!
Look out!
- Oh, God!
- Shit!
Albert, you okay?
Safe at home!
Let go!
- Let go.!
- Henry, do something.!
Really love
these things.
Where's Riley and Weitzman?
They went that way.
- No!
- Game's over.
- Wrong.
- Yes, Billy!
I'll shoot the girl.
Go ahead. I got
lots of girlfriends.
I'm a police officer.
Drop the gun.
I'm a mental patient.
I'm not impressed.
Well, you're not
this crazy, are ya?
this is my idea
of a good time.
- I'm gonna count to three.
- Billy!
I'm not even gonna count.
Gimme the gun.
Gimme the gun!
Get your ass
against the wall.
Come here.
What's this talk
about the girlfriends?
I was kidding!
He thought I was gonna shoot.
You thought I was gonna
shoot you, right?
See? Turn your ass around,
or I'll blow your head off.
Attaboy. See?
Statements from
Dr. Jeffrey Weitzman and the
four missing mental patients...
have resulted in the arrest
of two detectives from
Manhattan's 15th Precinct,
who are being charged with
the murder of fellow officer
Orlando Alvarez...
and the attempted murder
of Dr. Weitzman.
The four patients were
singled out for high praise...
from Captain Lewitt and from
Police Commissioner Warden.
At the Bronx Zoo today,
officials welcomed...
the arrival
of two new pandas,
which are a gift of
the People's Republic of China.
This is really a weird feeling.
All these cops around
and nobody's arresting me.
Do you miss it?
The only thing I've missed
in the last year and a half is you.
Don't get too normal
on me, okay?
Not a chance.
Hey, Doc!
Do you think
he's ready to get out?
Команда мечты Команда мечты

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