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me, Tom.
Right! Tom!
Tom Canning!
Hey! I didn't know
you were in town.
You thinkin' about coming back
into the ad game?
No immediate plans, Tom.
Actually, we're kinda wanted
by the police right now.
Hassle with the I.R.S.?
Attempted murder, Tom.
That's not fun.
This guy, he never stops.
Come on, Jack.
These gentlemen
are involved as well.
Jack and I killed
a few account people
in our day too.
Didn't we, guy?
It was a nightmare.
They tried to smother him.
His tubes got
all pulled out...
I got a 10:00 at Bristol.
Nice meeting you all.
We gotta do lunch, Jack.
Okay, fella.
Give you a holler.
Let's get out of here.
I think we should stop here
and review our goals!
Our goals?
Look at this.
We gotta come up with
165 big ones.
We got to get the van
and pull Weitzman
out of the hospital...
before those two
goddamn cops come back.
Now, how's that for a goal?
You mean us?
But we're crazy.
Well, we better get sane
real goddamn fast.
Could we see that first group
of pictures again?
Come on, lady.
Give me a break.
Was this guy in your store
or on the goddamn moon?
It appears we have
Mr. And Mrs. Helen Keller
in here.
Ten more minutes of this,
I'm gonna lock them up.
Gianelli. In here.
Keep looking.
They found Alvarez's body
in a warehouse over on 47 th...
with two.38 slugs
in his head.
Jesus Christ.
It was the same alley
where they found
that shrink from Trenton.
He's still unconscious
over at Mercy Hospital,
and those four nuts
who attacked him are still
rattlin' around somewhere.
Those psychos must've
done Alvarez too.
Well, it's the only thing
we got right now.
There's an A.P.B. Out on 'em.
You got security
on the room?
When this guy comes out of it,
he could put everything
together for us.
I have a feeling those psychos
are about to go after
their doctor again.
Okay. Watch it.
All right.
Come on. Go. Come on.
Billy. Tell me
this is a bad dream.
Well, actually,
it's four bad dreams.
Riley, this is Henry,
this is Jack,
this is Albert.
Billy, Ed is home.
Really? Where?
Look, Riles,
I got a real situation here.
This report should
answer any questions.
This better be good.
Okay, come on, come on,
come on, come on.
No breakage.
Great. Breakfast.
I'm starved.
That's not ours.
That's Ed's.
Did Ed make the sunshine?
Did Ed make the wheat grow?
I don't know the man.
Good morning.
- Hi, Ed.
- Hi. You friends of Riley?
I'm a friend to all men.
We've come for your money, Ed.
This is the breakdown, Ed.
Fifty for the fine,
seventy-five for the tow.
Wait. Don't tell me.
You guys must be Riley's
theater group, right?
Yes. This is
our group, Ed.
Yeah. You guys really
had me going there
for a minute.
You stand-up guys
are somethin' else.
Does Ed know what I do?
You know, that I'm nuts?
Let's not get into that.
Ed. Hi.
L-I see that you've met
Albert and Henry and Jack.
- I'd like you to meet
my friend Billy.
- Hi, Ed.
Hey, Bill. What do you do?
What do I do?
Well, kinda depends
on the circumstances, Ed.
Oh, yeah?
Got some real nice
things here though.
Oh, thanks. Thank you.
Uh, that's uh,
that's Molten Venus.
You know Loucka?
You can't touch one of
his nudes for less than
six figures these days.
Can you believe that?
I believe you, Ed.
This is a brilliant
of negative space.
Postmodernist, neo-cubist.
Well, you really know
your Loucka.
You know why it's
a brilliant manipulation
of negative space?
No. Why?
wants it that way.
You guys! You're always on,
aren't you, right?
You comedy guys!
Excuse me. Ed,
could I talk to you
just for a minute?
Yeah, sure. What?
Hey, there's Dr. Newald.
are these men dangerous,
and should the public
be concerned?
On the basis of possibly
two attacks on the doctor,
- I'm afraid I would have to say,
yes, they are dangerous.
- Is this an unusual
Команда мечты Команда мечты

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