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This is exactly
where it happened.
That was a true story.
Those wolves
actually happened.
They live down here.
Okay, champ,
this is gonna have to do.
Careful. Careful.
How about right here?
This is fine.
It's great.
Okay. I won't look.
I'm not looking.
Okay, Albert, you done yet?
I told you
you should've wised up, Alvarez.
You're goin'toail.!
Nobody's goin'toail.
You bastard.!
Better say good night.
No, don't.! Don't.!
- You're a dead man, Alvarez.
Hey! Who the hell are you?
Stop that guy!
Hey.! What the hell's
goin'on down there?
! Mira!! Mira!
In broad daylight.
Hey, what happened?
This guy got the crap
kicked outta him.
He gonna make it?
Who knows?
Come on, pal. Move back.
Don't get hurt too.
Where did you go to take
that piss, Moscow?
Where's Dr. Weitzman,
He'll be here in a minute.
We're on a very tight schedule.
How do you like
the game so far?
I'm havin' a ball.
Good seats, huh?
You know, it's funny
the hot dog guy
hasn't been around.
Where's the doctor?
News at 11:00.
Tell us now.
a word from our sponsor.
Geez. We're waitin'
for a news update
from a catatonic.
Maybe he didn't
really wanna take us.
Can you blame him? I wouldn't
wanna walk into a public place
with a bunch of schizophrenics.
I've never agreed
with that diagnosis.
Oh, really?
Really, Hank.
Comin' from a guy who carries
an autographed picture of
Norman Bates in his wallet,
that doesn't mean too much.
- Trust me. You are nuts!
- Don't touch that!
- Will you shut up!
- Don't touch it!
What about dinner?
Who's gonna
get us our dinner?
"Who's gonna get us our..."
Aren't you the same guy
that changed water into wine?
Huh,J.C.? Isn't the
Son of God good for
a burger in this town?
You get us somethin'.
That's not funny.
You're a very disturbed
young man.
You don't know
how disturbed I am.
I'm so disturbed
I'm gettin' outta here.
You're not allowed to leave
without permission!
I'm givin' myself permission.
No one gives permission but
the doctor, and I'm the doctor
until the doctor comes back!
Fine. You be the doctor,
and I'll be the escaped
mental patient. Okay?
I'm telling
Dr. Weitzman.!
And Dr. Newald!
One away.
Next batter.
Dr. Newald's gonna be
very, very, very upset.
- I'm gonna have to make
a full report.
- You're a sick man.
- It's a sickness of the soul.
Put this in your report.
Foul ball.
It's clear to me now
God is testing me.
You can't go anywhere!
I'm in charge here!
You're having
a psychotic episode.
That automatically
puts me in charge.
I am the Lord thy God.
Thou shalt not have
strange gods before me.
Out of my way, asshole.
I fear my doctor
may have been seized
by the Romans!
Who's gonna take us back?
We're gonna be late
for group.
Albert, sit up straight.
That's good.
The doctor will be back
any minute now.
We've got a lot
to talk about tonight.
I'd better check to see
what's keeping him.
keep this door locked.
Give me a beer.
She still refuses
to give us
her phone number.
Should we refuse
to pay the check?
I don't see how we can
until she does.
We're tryin'
to set you up for life.
I mean, this man
could have any woman
in the world,
but tonight...
I don't know.
Maybe it's the moon,
or... those cute little
knockers you got.
Sorry. He only wants
one thing, honey.
Good. Here it is.
Come on.
Wouldn't you like to go out
with a guy who makes
more than minimum wage?
Listen, boys, this isn't
Club Med. Do you mind
just paying the check.
Whoa. Are you
rejecting him?
You're gonna give
this guy a complex.
Let go.
Give me
one good reason.
I'll give you
a reason.
What's your problem?
They call it
a low frustration tolerance.
- I hate paisley.
- Please don't.
It's not worth it.
Who the hell
do you think you are?
- I'm an escaped mental patient
with a history of violence.
Check, please.
Now pay the lady.
Команда мечты Команда мечты

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