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Команда мечты

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problems is really just a way
of avoiding your own.
Oh. Exactly.
Fine. Right.
So let's talk about you.
I have seven letters
from your wife in my office.
She hasn't heard from you
in a year and a half, Henry.
I don't wanna talk about that.
I want you to know
it's safe in here.
We're all here for you.
Everything is so disorganized,
such a mess.
Well, reality's messy, Henry.
But that's okay.
It's not for you
to clean it up.
But who else
is gonna do it?
Not these guys.
It's tough to take orders
from a guy who irons his socks.
I want you to do me
a favor, Henry.
I don't... Uh, uh!
I don't want you
to pick it up. I don't
want you to think about it.
It's not
your responsibility.
Good. Good.
Next week, we'll work on leaving
the rest of the pieces of paper
in the world where they are.
You're gonna find out
that chaos is okay, Henry.
Chaos is great.
Could we go now?
Every week you get up
and say, "Can we go now?"
And every week I tell you,
"We haven't heard
from Albert yet."
Nobody's ever heard from Albert.
I've had better conversations
with cheese.
This is just Albert's way of
dealing with things right now.
Okay? Sit down.
This is not okay.
What's that?
This is Brian's
Every day an innocent man
is deprived of his dessert,
and we sit here and do nothing.
Ohh. Boy, you could do
some time for that,
Big Al.
Oh, boy.
Brian's cupcake.
I say we drag him outside
and beat the shit out of him.
Guys, guys.
Brian isn't complaining,
so let's just drop it.
All right?
Don't worry about
the cupcake, Albert.
You were going to work on saying
the names of the guys
in the group. You wanna try?
Billy. Henry. Jack.
Dr. Weitzman.
You wanna try?
Strike three, Doc.
There's no joy in Mudville.
You know, three weeks ago,
before we came off medication,
Albert wasn't trying
to communicate with anybody.
At least we now know
that he's listening.
Yeah. To Phil Rizzuto.
All right. Time's up.
Jack, Henry, Billy,
Albert. Come on.
Come on.
Okay. Is this the week that
you guys finally break down and
give each other a little hug?
Huh, team? Huh?
I don't think
this is the week, Doc.
Dr. Rebell to Admitting.
Oh, fellas. I might
have some good news
about our field trip.
I put in for
special passes for the
Yankee game tomorrow,
and I'm gonna find out
this afternoon.
How's that sound?
You guys were all excited
when I first mentioned it.
Does that mean
we are actually leaving
the hospital grounds?
No, the Yankees are
gonna come here and play.
They're gonna throw some
lights up in the rec room.
What a stroker.
Doc, let me
ask you a question.
Is there any possibility that
Albert will actually get into
the game... see action, I mean?
It's all right, Albert.
I think we'll keep you
on the bench for this one.
Did my best.
This is the group that you want
to take out tomorrow, Jeff.
Hey, you got some
pretty chronic types here.
I screened the group.
I didn't pick them
out of a hat.
And I'm seeing some progress.
Breaking windows
is progress?
They're bickering.
They're annoying
the hell out of each other.
- It's great.
- Throw four dogs in a room,
they'll fight.
No, they're standing up
for themselves.
Th-Their real identities
are creeping back slowly.
Quite candidly, Jeff,
some of the staff
feel this whole trip
is more trouble than it's worth.
One of these patients
has not been outside
an institution in 12 years.
Yeah, but that's the point.
And Caufield is like
a walking time bomb.
- You can almost hear him ticking.
- You could turn around, and...
he'll be out on the ball field
kicking dirt on an umpire.
Why can't you guys just
watch the game on TV
in the rec room?
Oh, God. One more afternoon
in the rec room, I'm gonna have
to go on Thorazine myself.
- You got more of a sense of
humor about this than I do.
Frankly, I find it
difficult to sanction this.
It's a five-hour field trip.
We're not going up
Команда мечты Команда мечты

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