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till dawn, dear
Just saying this
Sweet dreams
till sunbeams find you
That's the best backhand
I've ever seen
on Thorazine.
You want another one?
Time for group,
You could lose your privileges
right there, Mr. Caufield.
I'll be consulting
with Dr. Weitzman.
Okay, Kenny.
Put your game face on.
Here we go.
Let me tell you something, Ken.
I've played some of the top
Chinese guys.
If you ever work up a serve
to go with that backhand,
it's gonna be a dark day
in Peking, babe.
Want a practice one?
Here we go.
Attaboy. Now, focus.
All right?
... does that
star-spangled banner
-  Yet wave
- lanuzzi.
O'er the land of the free
And the home
Of the brave
Holy cow, White!
What a great day for a game.
Holy cow, White!
What a great day for a game!
Albert, group.
What a great rendition
of our national anthem.
And now the lineups
for the Orioles and the Yankees.
It'll beJohn Candelaria
pitching for the Yankees,
and Jeff Ballard
for the Birds.
For Baltimore, leading off,
playing left field,
Pete Stanicek.
At second base,
batting second,
Billy Ripken.
Cal Ripken Jr. Will be
the shortstop, batting third.
That's Brian's cupcake.
The catcher, batting fifth,
Mickey Tettleton.
The designated hitter,
batting sixth,
Jim Traber.
Ken Gerhart batting seventh
in center field,
Joe Orsulak will be
in right field, batting eighth,
and batting ninth
and playing third base,
Rene Gonzales.
And for the New York Yankees,
playing third base,
leading off, Wayne Tolleson.
Bobby Meacham batting second
and playing second base.
McDermott, time for group.
That is a serious infraction
of hospital rules.
This is the body and blood
of our Lord Jesus Christ.
And a damn fine Beaujolais.
You can't go like that.
You're naked.
We are all naked
in the eyes
of the Lord.
I'm gonna have to include this
in my report to Dr. Weitzman.
Call not for a doctor
but for an elder
of the church.
Leviticus 5:14.
I told you.
Tortured soul.
I know what
you mean, Doc.
There's been a tendency
to limit medication.
In looking at the chart,
the general anxiety level
in the Gomez case...
indicates minor
dosage increase.
I'm gonna say
25 milligrams amitriptyline.
Twenty-five milligrams
won't make a dent in Gomez.
I'd go 50. He cried during
Family Feud last night. I could
barely hear the questions.
Shouldn't you be
in group, Henry?
I don't like to be
alone in there. They're
hostile towards authority.
Henry, I think you
better get in there.
Well, okay.
I'll keep an eye
on them.
I'm not finished
with that.
Looked just like mine.
These chairs are all wrong.
I can't leave you guys
alone two minutes.
Albert, you're facing
the wrong way.
Nobody doesn't like
Sara Lee
Don't you know
what a semicircle is?
I don't want him
next to me.
He smells
like tuna fish.
Look what you did.
Four minutes and 27 seconds,
Mr. Caufield.
There are some patients
that just make a therapist
want to shake his head.
Straighten out
that chair.
Hey, Henry,
imagine this:
My chair is straight,
and all the other chairs
are out of order.
Now, there's a real
mind bender for you, right?
You're living in
a fantasy world, William.
Dr. Weitzman is not
gonna like this.
This group will not start
until you straighten out
that chair.
All right.
I don't want to
have to do this.
The orders came down this
morning. I've been officially
put in charge of this group.
American Psychiatric Society.
Chair stays where it is.
- Let me see that.
- Nah. Sorry. Classified.
I know one of your fantasies
when I hear one, William.
If you don't straighten out
that chair, I'm gonna
straighten it out for you.
All right.
Straighten out the chair!
Looks like one of our chairs
tried to make a break for it, huh?
Billy did it, Dr. Weitzman.
It'll all be in my report.
Look, you're all feeling
a little bit on edge these days.
It's very normal
Команда мечты Команда мечты

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