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doesn't have any family.
What'd I tell you?
- Oh, man.
- Hey, I'm kiddin'.
Look, why don't you guys
just call your hospital?
Because the doc would lose
his job, and they'd have us
back on medication...
by the time
the coin runs out,
that's why.
You know what I think?
I think you got this whole
thing "bass ackwards."
I think you're
the missing persons.
Go back to 48th Street and wait.
The guy doesn't show,
we're open 24 hours.
You don't understand.
Yo. We're not done yet.
Look, you're done.
It's been a pleasure.
We used to be taxpayers.
That will get my attention.
You're not out in 30 seconds,
you got a night in jail.
What kind of bonehead cop
would send four confessed
mental patients...
back out in the streets?
It's not his fault.
He's not as competent
as we are.
Another episode like that,
William, you might find yourself
out of the group.
Can I have that
in writing?
Wait a minute!
I'm not going another step
until somebody gets me
my dinner.
Dinner? I've got to get
this report to Dr. Newald
right away.
Which way is Trenton?
Straight ahead,
71 miles.
If you don't stop for
the litter, you can
be back by Christmas.
Exit 11, Henry!
Pace yourself!
[Siren Blaring]
What's with you
and chasing cars?
We have to put you on a leash?
How do you get him to talk?
I know this patient's
I don't advise
overstimulating him.
Wait a minute.
This have something
to do with Weitzman?
Did they take him away
in an ambulance?
Is that it, Albert?
It's like a scene
out of a Lassie movie.
"Did Timmy fall in the well,
Lassie? Did he, girl?"
Look, Albert,
did they take Weitzman away
in an ambulance?
Big inning.
That's a definite yes.
[Jack] All he said was,
"Big inning."
Yeah, but he nodded
when he said it. Watch.
Big inning.
See? All you have to do
is learn how to speak Albert.
No. Weitzman with a "Z."
No, huh? Nurse, could you...
What's your name?
Helen Grabosky?
Hey, this Billy Caufield.
You treated me
for a scalp wound
a couple years ago.
Yeah. Self-inflicted. Right.
Well... I mean,
it was a bet, you know.
Yeah. No,
it healed up great.
Look, do you have
anyJohn Does over there?
Really? Okay.
No, no, no, that's okay.
Fifth goddamn hospital.
Not one of them's
got the doc.
Just a coupleJohn Does.
NotJohn Doe. Dr. Weitzman.
I'd better handle this.
Gimme that.
Look, Dr. Freud,
if a guy checks
into a hospital
and he's unconscious,
and they don't
get a name on him,
they call him "John Doe."
Now we're gonna have
to check all these
hospitals ourselves.
That's public property.
Watch this.
Public property.
Private property.
Do you all
have to go in?
We're the Doe brothers.
Oh, Harriet.
Dr. Epson wants
Mrs. Freeman's chart, okay?
YourJohn Doe's in 409.
I'll be with you
in a minute.
Dear Lord,
we humbly ask your mercy
for our dear departed.
You got it.
We are never prepared for death,
especially when it comes
to one so loved,
but let us try to find
comfort in knowing that
he is finally at peace.
Father, may I say a few words?
I knew this man perhaps
better than anyone here.
I pledge to continue his work
as long as I live.
I thought they were
gonna sell the car wash.
He devoted his life
to the treatment
of the insane.
Uncle Phil?
Did Martha know
about this?
May I say
a few words?
Certainly, William.
It's not him.
Perhaps I'd better
bring my remarks to a close.
I never knew there were
so manyJohn Does
in this world.
It's hopeless.
Room 555?
Thank you.
[Elevator Bell Dings]
In 555. For a John Doe,
he's awfully popular.
Pitcher's in trouble!
Pitcher's in trouble!
What? What is it? What?
Is it Weitzman?
Come on.
Room 555?
Just down the hall.
Room's closed.
Get lost.
We already are lost.
Thanks anyway.
I said no one in that room.
Hospital security.
You can lose
Команда мечты Команда мечты

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