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a day
for storage.
Thank you, Officer.
I won't let you down.
Father, forgive us,
for we have sinned.
We parked our car
in a forbidden zone.
Where the hell's Albert?
[Engine Starts]
Whoa.! Hey, you can't tow this.
There's a guy back there.
[Tires Screech]
Jack, come here.
Hey, you wanna move
Beauregard here?
Yeah, right.
Come on, Albert.
You okay?
I mean, you know,
as okay as you get.
Close call at second.
Well, we just caught
a major break.
We could be back
in the ward,
staring at the goddamn walls
right now, but we're not.
Instead, what do we got, fellas?
We got a night on the town.
This is God's way
of telling us
we're going to die.
They were due back at 11:30.
I thought I should call you.
It's almost 1:00.
I was against this thing
from the start.
It could be traffic,
a flat tire. Who knows?
If he broke down,
he should've phoned.
I'll call the Turnpike
Authority, see if there
have been any accidents.
Jeff's a responsible guy.
I'm sure everything's under control.
I think we should
review our goals.
[Billy] Review our goals.
Wacko, we gotta find
the doctor.
Who put you in charge?
I'm in charge here.
Read the New Testament, Sparky.
You'll find out who's in charge.
[Billy] Get out of the way!
Albert, you step on my foot
one more time,
I'm gonna kill you.
Kill the ump!
[Jack] Why does a grown man
have to smell like tuna fish?
[Horns Honking]
All right, straight.
Go left.
Is that left?
I said... All right.
Okay. All right.
Now easy.
Easy. Up. Easy.
Watch it.
All yours, Bernie.
[Thunder Rumbling]
How you doin'?
We're lookin' for
something casual
for the Son of God.
How much does
the Supreme Being wanna spend?
How about a nice
Harris tweed with a blue
Oxford button-down...
and maybe a nice
Countess Mara tie,
eh, sport?
Look, why don't you guys
go out and browse around
for a while.
This is one of the nicest...
No. This is the nicest army/navy
store I've ever been in,
and I've been in every branch
of the service, so I know
what I'm talkin' about.
Yeah. Your friends
look like they've seen
a little action too.
Okay, you've noticed
they're a little different.
I've noticed.
You wanna know why?
It's because we're
a special combat unit
with the Marine Corps,
and we've been tracking
some Libyan terrorists.
In fact, I think we got 'em
trailed to a bagel shop
around the corner.
Now, if we can just
get some pants
on the colonel...
Gimme a break.
All right, we're
four escaped lunatics.
This I believe.
I caught this just in time.
You've got the large in here
with the extra large.
I'm afraid to even
get into the sock bin.
Now, what do you want?
Look, you probably
want us out of here
as quickly as possible.
I'm prepared
to carry you in my arms.
All I'm sayin' is
let's stretch
that clothing dollar.
What kind of stretch
are we talkin' about?
Twelve bucks.
[P. A: :
"Strangers in the Night"]
I'm telling you,
it works.
It's a statement, man.
You know who you are.
No, he doesn't.
Anything else I can
help you fellas with?
Yeah. Could you recommend
a good clinical psychiatrist
in the neighborhood?
We seem to have lost ours.
Gee, we don't have one
on staff here, fellas,
but I do know a guy
you could talk to.
Now, this missing doctor,
we're all sure
he really exists, right?
Take a look at this guy.
Can you imagine him
without a doctor?
Okay, okay. Just checkin'.
- You mind?
- Swing and a miss.
Here's all we're asking.
You give us as much attention
as one of your french fries.
This guy's been gone
for hours.
A few hours
is not a missing person.
It's a guy that
went to the movies,
met a lady or something.
A doctor doesn't leave
four mental patients
to go cruise for chicks.
Doctors can be
strange characters too.
One down in North Carolina
wiped out his whole family.
Команда мечты Команда мечты

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