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remember the last time
I really wanted anything.
And I'm beginning to remember it.
Damned alchemist. Let's go!
No, I am not an alchemist.
I just know some secrets.
For example, you need to poursome diamond powder
on to a diamond to drill it
with a copper tool.
You never let Dasha wash the dishes, right?
How did you know it?
Many parents don't let their kids
wash the dishes or make their bed.
- To make them helpless.
- But Dasha wouldl die without me.
Yes, she would.
I love her so much, and I don't want her
to be stuck in everyday life.
When you die she'll get scared
of a heap of dirty dishes. Got it?
I won't die until Dasha needs me...
You can't save a child from the life
you gave her.
You can! And she'll never comehere again.
Because your words embarrass
her innocent soul.
We can not embarrass her. She knows it all.
No! Dasha won't know the relations
between men and women
as long as possible.
I shall tell you something.
I learnt it from my chatterbox. Got it?
- I shall show it all to you...
- What chatterbox?
- Listen to it.
- Well, did you give up?
- No, not this one...
- Damned Vera. Damned apostles.
- What is it?
- The words Dasha told him. Yes!
That's what your rotten friendstaught the bird.
Only they could invent such a blasphemy...
About apostles and the faith.
What faith? What faith?
Vera, wait.
- What is it?
- Tell me. Why did you give birth to her?
- Why did you give birth to Dasha?
- Why do you want to know?
Tell me, Vera. Tell me, please.
I also have got a daughter. And I ask
the same question myself. Why?
Don't be afraid. Tell me the truth.
- A man cruelly deceived me.
- How did he deceive you?
He tricked me. I didn't want children.
And he did.
- So he tricked me.
- How?
He tricked me. He promisedthat I won't get pregnant.
And I did. Really bad.
Nothing could help me.
- Nothing could help.
- And he deserted you, didn't he?
No, I deserted him myself.
I couldn't live with a liar.
You slept with him for no particular reason then.
- What do you mean?
- For pleasure?
- For what pleasure?
- Not because you wanted a baby.
You scum...
You filthy scum.
- Did you give up?
- What did you say?
You will never talk to me any more.
Never! Did you get it?
Don't peck! And shut up! Shut up!
Spying on me?
Join me, mademoiselle.
- I say, fish.
- Fish?
It's brilliant, Dasha! Brilliant!
Are you married?
What do you dream of?
Sometimes I see weird things in my dreams.
For example, today.
What did I see today?
I saw a finger.
I call this part of my collection
things from the beyond.
- Space stones.
- And where is Pyotr?
It's the building material for the world beyond.
He must be feeding dogs.
- And where did Masha go?
- She's feeding birds. She'll be back soon.
- She fed the birds at dawn.
- Here is a stone from the Moon.
Armstrong brought it to Earth
in 1969.
Add some hot water.
Calm down, calm down...
Some people know nothing else
but yes and no.
I understand perfectly well
that the world is much more diverse.
There re so many things in between.
Sometimes I think yes and no don't exist.
But it's not the thing that interests me.
I wonder why you are so calm
though it took you just a couple of days
to say both yes and no
and to stay in between?
Would you tell me that it's a mystery of yours?
Then you are sick.
And it's not just schizophrenia.
Your personality splits not in two,
but in three.
Do you want to choose one of us?
And then will you belong
to the chosen one?
When will you make your choice?
I have already made it.
Tell me:
is it just lechery that you do?
There is one more thing left.
You are making your choice.
I have already made it.
Fight and search, find and shit.
Goethe, Faust.
Can I demand fidelity from anyone
who never had a chance to be faithful?
Can I accuse anyone of infidelity
if they never had a chance to be faithful?
Then I have to treat you some other way.
Tell me.
Then I have to
Коллекционер Коллекционер

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