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give up?
- What did you say, bastard?
- Did you give up?
- Who taught you this?
- The collector.
- Did he?
- Yes. He taught me by nights.
- Did he tell you the reason for it?
- Did he tell you why?
- No.
OK. I'll stop by in the evening.
And bring you hot worms.
Take the fresh ones!
Why did you do it?
- You mean a raven?
- Yes.
It's just a coincidence.
Was it really intelligentor was it my dream?
I figured out your conversationand taught the raven.
You mean to say that you know me
inside out?
All of us know each other quite well.
- Why did you do it?
- To exhaust your favorite word.
To exhaust or to kill it?
Any line like your giving up is the first
sign of getting stupid.
Watch out for persistent definitions.
- All right.
- Wait. Here is a horse gas mask.
It was used to make a horse smoke.
- This device helped...
- I am not a horse.
Leave me out of your bullshit discussions.
Probably I am wrong. He is no smoker.
The next collectlon. A way to restore
zest for llfe.
- Don't you like the taste of meat?
- Why?
- You peppered it a lot.
- I like spicy food.
Will gas enhance the taste then?
- Enhance? Fool!
- Give it a rest. Eat silent.
Let's go.
Ilya, my dear! The things that have happened
to you and your friends lately
are not accidental.
I d like to calm you down:
the destiny makes you ready
for a most important event in your life.
Soon you'll make sure it is.
I am just warning you.
Harbingers of salvation
may seem those of death to you.
You have to tell them from each other
to find those to give up to.
You know my eyes are sore
as if I spent the day working
at the vegetable picking belt.
- The same with me.
- It's a madhouse.
There is a doctor, a nurse and attendants at the doors.
You have to live your own life.
- We have got no life of our own.
- You have to invent it then.
We spend a lot of time
thinking solely about ourselves.
Solely about ourselves?
Then there's something wrong here.
- Yes, something is wrong.
- But what is it?
I don't know. May be we have got
no serious problems.
The lack of a serious problem
is insulting.
Someone took the decisions for us.
All the feats have been performed.
We are meant to live an easy life
and to get pleasure out of it.
This man feeds us with sweet delights.
What do you mean?
He wants us completely relaxed.
Do you remember Faust?
Genzel and Gretchen went to the woods
and saw a house with a lollipop roof.
They were so happy. But a man-eating witch
built it to attract sweet teeth.
He thinks pleasure is the only
reason to live.
- And it is also a trap, isn't it?
- I agree.
And I thought you would want nothing
after you died.
Let's have some more.
A new collectlon agaln.
Some thlngs about space.
Today we'll collect scents.
We need fresh air.
The previous scent should vanish
before the next one.
Warner Bros. presents
3 blockheads on a visit - 2
No unwanted smells.
You'll take this, and I'll take this.
Let's start with the most pleasant one.
A scent of the Fontainebleau forest after rain.
Bitchy Fontainebleau...
Your backyard smells the same. Give me another one.
The technology is very complicated.
An artificial scent must be identical
to the natural one.
Here is the scent of Vostok spacecraft
Gagarin flew.
Not bad...
It's puke!
Yes, he must have thrown up there.
He said: Let's go!
And belched out his caviar.
Pushed the wrong leverwith his shaking hand.
The rocket moved, and his spacesuit got wet.
He said: Comrades, I want to go home.
Korolyov shouted: Yura, you re a hero!
Shit, it's your fault I threw up
a caviar sandwich!
How long shall I fly?
Is space that big?
How can I see what space is like
down here?
What is space like?
Fuck! Nobody knows...
Did you invent it yourselves? Well done.
Good night, Masha.
I can't understand a thing.
- We have to leave.
- Right now?
Soon we won't be able to leave.
Or we'll never want it.
And do you want it now?
I don't
Коллекционер Коллекционер

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