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encode something
for esoterics, didn't he?
Ilya, you are not 14 to talk nonsense
of genuine art.
I cried listening to Rachmaninoff s
music when I was 14.
Will you turn on your computer
and get into it up to your balls?
- But gracefully...
- Or shall we crush it? Fuck!
Vera, is it OK with you
that we use these words?
I don't care. At least you don't pretend
well mannered. Dasha, go for a walk.
You are too young for it.
I collect foul words. They convey
thoughts much quicker.
Look how awkward Heidegger's conception is:
The openness of being isimpossible without a gap,
A gap embodies a concept of a contact.
But it's much more sprightly to say:
It's a total fuck-up without a touch.
Damn Vera. Damn apostles!
- Talk! Discuss it!
- Do you know what just occurred to me?
Here are 4 men of 4 temperaments.
Four different temperatures.
There are four of you. May I write:
You, Ilya, Pyotr and Andrey - 100°C?
I wish at least one name were true...
What is it?
Mashenka has come.
Meet Masha.
- Andrey.
- Nice to meet you.
Pyotr, Ilya...
Masha is left-handed. It helps her
embarrass people.
- When did she manage to do it?
- She's a Cinderella.
- Bugs and birds helped her.
- Hush!
- She's not bad judging from her ass.
- She's nice. She smiles like a whore.
- Her smile is good.
- She smiles like a whore.
One more collectlon.
There are many loopholes In the world.
- What have we got today?
- A collection of cheap art. Where is Dasha?
She's too young to listen to you.
- Did she refuse to come herself?
- Dasha is very credulous.
She came to me once and asked:
Where did this man get all his valuables?
I could not answer her.
A collector has got many loopholes
inaccessible to other people.
We can enter museums and palaces
like moles.
- Burglars usually enter museums like that.
- And collectors.
- What do you smoke? It reminds of childhood.
- I have smoked them since I was 12.
I smoked cigars when I was 12.
The heart was rubber-like.
And I had to perform
resuscitation once.
I saw a crowd in the street.
There was a guy lying on the pavement.
I was 14, and the guy was 70.
Those shit-heads were afraid
to come up to him.
I started my resuscitation on the guy.
He opened his eyes and croaked:
It's the end of it.
I don't know, if he was to die
or did my massage kill him?
That was the first time
I felt useless in this world.
- But you wanted to save him.
- I had to mind my own business.
Now I'll never know
if I killed a man or not.
No one can.
- Are you sure that you never stole?
- No.
- Did you?
- I am not sure.
- Did you betray anyone?
- What do you mean?
- Were you unfaithful to your wife?
- Why do you want to know?
- I want to be sure.
- Of what?
If you can't answer the simplest question:
- did you kill a man or not? -
then you have got no right
to take any decision.
The only decision you may take
is to give up.
Fuck you! To whom?
Take a look.
Here is a smoking rabbit.
- It is disgusting!
- Don't say so!
It is you, Ilya.
It's your previous incarnation, though.
What a stunning abnormality!
I exchanged it for Hitler's skull.
You look alike...
One more collectlon. Every pleasure
has got a prlce.
Let's brush the teeth once again.
We'll go on after a short break.
Last time we brushed out teeth
with the Beware! toothpaste of 1976.
It is the best one to separate
a pipe from a cigar.
It smells urine like all the cigars.
And some shit.
- You ve got something burning there.
- What?
- What is it?
- My spirit lamp. Where did you find it?
I was hanging around and found it.
It's the most valuable entryto my collection.
It is a very expensive pleasure.
It is the fire of World War I.
Some Polish soldier took it
from a house on fire.
- Let's go.
- He carried it through the war.
It was his lucky charm.
And when the Pole got old and died
his son inherited the fire and sold it.
That's how I got it.
- Did you give up?
- What?
- Did you
Коллекционер Коллекционер

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