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And we have a peculiar attitude to them.
Poetic love
mixed with the disgust at the genitals
helps us embrace the universe.
A man falls in love with a beauty.
But it's just a beginning.
He feels double pleased
to find a hairy monster mug
in her perineum. Just the same
with a woman embracing
a fiery serpent of her beloved. The woman got
a special kind of relations with the serpent.
Thus she regresses
to the exile from Eden.
May Dasha and I leave?
And she thinks she can make it right now.
- Do you hear? We are leaving.
- But why?
I can't listen to it.
Do we have to fight the Devil
on our own then?
Does God give us the primary temptation,
the main weapon of the Devil in our body?
Then the Devil is not to blame
to the human sins, is he?
It is very important.
We have to look into it.
I already did. And I know it all.
I found out.
But Dasha did not, did you?
Dasha, did you make it out?
No. We have got a medical certificate.
I am still a virgin.
A certificate can not cancel thirst for knowledge.
Kids of your age give it
a great deal of thought.
- I am leaving.
- You should explain it to the girls.
Later I will. Darya! Dashenka!
I have always taken keen interest
in depicting ugly things...
Why have people always tried
to picture a penis?
Did it mean anything in everyday life?
Vibrators were used to treat
women for emotional disorders
in the 19-th century.
To calm down hysterical girls.
We went off the point. People tried
to depict a penis
to beautify it.
But they never did...
A penis remained a penis.
Why have you got this shit?
- You can take it if you want.
- We have got our own to settle.
- Shall I put it in the catalogue?
- No.
There are a lot of Ionely people
who can not afford a penis for 100 bucks.
- And you are throwing them away.
- I shall do it.
- Pyotr!
- Silence! Silence! A moment of silence!
- What's up with you?
- What's the matter?
It's amazing! Pyotr, you just called
Andrey Pyotr!
- Did I?
- It's a stunning slip of the tongue!
Do you know the reason why?
Because you constantly talk to yourself.
Pyotr talks to Pyotr.
Andrey talks to Andrey.
It's annihilation! A complete withdrawal!
Zero! A blank!
Keep in mind, it's very important.
I'll introduce you to Masha tomorrow.
- What about the collector's daughter?
- I don't know a thing about his family.
Yesterday was the first timel knew he had a daughter.
Vera makes me sick of women...
A woman has to be beautiful. It's the only
thing she can do. It's her mystery.
- And what has Vera got to do with it?
- Sometimes women are very sharp.
They never look deep down and thus
see the most important things.
They ve got a fire burning between the legs.
It's like a heartburn.
They can not say the right things
in such a condition.
If Vera put her ass in an ice bucket
we could listen to her.
The fury makes her use
accurate words sometimes.
You hate yourself so much
that you find anyone who calls you shit
a psychologist.
- Women have got a hunch.
- Just a fire in the perineum.
- And nothing else.
- I don't know...
Shut up if you don t.
And I do. If you run across
a wise person
try to find out if his stomach is OK.
There are women with an open wound
of a vagina.
Their faces are distorted with pain.
Another collectlon.
Rubblsh and genulne art.
These are not just copies.
The surface is rough
like that of an original.
- Who are these men?
- 4 apostles by A. Durer.
- The 4 Evangelists?
- No.
There are just two of them here. John and Mark.
- Why did Durer choose them?
- Do you really care?
- A copy?
- A copy is a key word.
Almost to any life.
- I got it. A cross!
- I got off the point.
Copies often damage originals.
But sometimes they make them better.
The same goes to gossip.
- Listen, and where is his daughter?
- I don't know...
Durer depicted the four humours here.
Here is a choleric subject. These are phlegmatic and sanguine people
Durer wanted to
Коллекционер Коллекционер

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