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Когда опускается ночь

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bury him.
-Thank you.
l have something to say--
-Are you not gonna ask me
about my trip?
-l'm trying to say something--
-lt was wonderful.
They're gonna publish
my speeches
in the bi-annual review.
-That's great.
-And there was a...
a beautiful talk by...
by some guy from Sweden,
just at the end, about silence.
And he said this contemporary
obsession to voice everything
sometimes does more damage
than good,
and that the only real dialogue
is with God.
And it felt... true.
-But... l rememberyou saying
that when you hide one thing,
you hide many.
-He was saying that sometimes,
it's selfish to give yourself
the relief of saying something
when the consequences
far outweigh the relief.
Anyway, l'll help you
take care of Bob.
-You said that.
Martin, listen...
-No. No, you listen.
This is what l know.
l love you.
For we have something,
you and me, don't we?
-Of course we do. Yes.
-l can understand everything.
l mean, l'm not such a bad deal.
-No, you're not a bad deal.
-These things pass.
-What things?
-These... passing things.
Just think, please.
Please, just think
before you speak.
You are what you say you are,
Just be careful when you say it.
-l'm sorry.
[ Petra ]: Camille, it's me.
l hope you're okay.
Listen, we're leaving tonight.
l thought maybe you wanted to...
Oh God, l don't know
what l thought.
Just call me. Please.
-We're off, gentlemen.
-...l said, ''Why don't
you prove it, scumbag?
Give me one good reason why
l should believe your bullshit.''
And he had nothing to say.
The guy dropped right down
to his knees.
-Oh, shit! Hang on,
l dropped the hang strap.
Oh, shit... Hey, guys?
Come here!
-Come here!
There's a body.
-Oh, Jesus!
This is the woman that was
gliding with Petra
the other day.
-l can't tell
if she's breathing.
-We should call an ambulance.
-l'll get to a phone.
-l'll go back and get the stuff
from the truck.
[ phone ringing ]
[ tires screeching ]
[ siren wailing ]
Where is she?
-She's in here.
-What happened?
-l don't know.
We just found her.
l think she was drunk.
-How is she?
-She... hypothermia.
l don't know.
-Well, can't we get her
into town?
-The ambulance is supposed
to get here any minute.
-Can we at least put her
in yourtruck or something?
-No. They said, ''Don't move her.
Just keep her warm.''
-The best thing to do
for a hypothermia victim...
[ The voice becomes an echo. ]
[ whispering ]:
Please, please, fate...
God, Zeus...
l promise to love her
and l promise to cherish her...
And to follow her
and to lead her anywhere...
Captioning by CNST, Montreal
Когда опускается ночь

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