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Когда опускается ночь

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-But you do acknowledge
that this institution
and the book upon which
this institution is based
characterize homosexual acts
as unnatural and sinful.
And as chaplain, you'd have
to support this doctrine.
-Of course.
-Are you okay?
-Yeah. Yes, l'm fine.
-The reverend wants to see you
in his office.
-l don't really want to talk
to him right now. lt's just...
-l know what's going on,
you know.
-You do?
-lt's okay. l understand...
l think.
-You do?
-Camille, you've been saying
the same thing
about a million different ways.
The buying of the top,
talking about orgasms
in front of a reverend,
and now this almost-sabotage
of the interview...
-What am l saying?
-That this pressure for us
to get married
just forthe sake of a job
feels like a sham.
You don't want to be
this career Christian
who just does what she's told.
And you know what?
-Maybe it's a blessing
in disguise.
We've been together
for almost three years.
Maybe we're just being cowards.
-You think so?
l love you, Camille Baker.
Oh, l love you more
than anything.
Any job, anything.
And maybe you can...
imagine more intoxicating
but it's okay.
lt's what imaginations are for.
-Oh, Martin...
-Let's not wait any longer.
Just marry me, whether we take
this job or not, okay?
l-l still have to think, Martin.
-All right, take five everyone!
-l'll be back in a second.
-What were you doing
at the school?
Are you stalking me
or something?
-l'm sorry if l threw you
by showing up.
l mean, to interrupt
you and your man.
-That's what l came
to talk to you about.
Petra, uh...
What happened this morning...
was an aberration.
-Of course.
-So, don't think that l'm a...
-Oh, l won't, l won't.
-l'm sorry l lied.
l think l was just flattered
by your attention but l'm not...
l'm not really like that.
Well... it was nice meeting you.
-Well, l mean, we could,
you know...
-What? We could... could what?
-Well, don't people like you
just have friends,
-Yes, people like me do.
why couldn't l be one?
-l'm attracted to you, Camille.
-lt's okay, but...
lt's okay.
We're not animals.
We don't always have to act
on our attractions. l mean...
-What would we do... as friends?
-Have fun.
Sounds like a buddy movie.
-Yes, exactly.
Like Thelma and Louise.
But without the guns.
-Oh, well, no guns...
l don't know, l don't know.
-Well... l don't have
any classes
this afternoon.
l had something planned.
Uh... l suppose you could
tag along.
-Will you accept
to be surprised?
-Hey, Petra!
-You must be kidding.
-Huh-huh. You'll love it.
You'll love it, Camille!
lt's fucking mind-blowing,
l promise you.
l've done it like
three million times.
You have to try it.
-Can l see your rating, please?
-Oh, yeah. Here.
-Okay. l'll need a number,
in case there's a problem.
-What kind of problem?
-Don't worry, it's just
a formality.
-You have to try it, Camille.
How will you know
if you don't try it?
-Well, l haven't tried shooting
myself in the head either...
Just one question, Petra...
-Why? Because...
Because fear is what you pay
for adventure, Camille.
lf you wanna do this, like,
the wind is perfect right now.
But night's falling,
you better hurry.
-Exactly. You hear him?
You think l should kill myself
because it's getting dark?
-Don't be such a wuss.
Okay, Petra, this is all very
poetic and everything but...
no, really, l'll watch.
You have to ride with the wind,
not against. Do you feel it?
-l feel it and l hate it!
-Look at that!
-Oh, dear...
-Sorry. Whoa!
Hang on.
Camille, you're really
throwing me off.
Wake up, Camille!
Wake up!
Oh, gosh...
Oh, God, are you okay?
-l hit my knee on something.
-What, your knee, is it fucked?
-l don't know.
-Oh, shit! Where's
Когда опускается ночь Когда опускается ночь

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