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Когда опускается ночь

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like it.
l wanna do that wall in some
kind of fun-fur and slate
or something,
but slate's really expensive.
-Yeah. Well...
here's your laundry.
-Oh, right.
So, uh, can you join me
for a scotch?
-Oh, l'm not much of a drinker,
-And some music.
'Cause without music,
life would be a mistake.
-So, l have a confession
to make.
l wore one of yourtops.
You know, the one
with the zipper?
-A school teacher
at a Christian college
has to get her kicks somehow.
lt did make me feel a little...
racy, for a while.
-l'm sure it looked great
on you.
Your man must've liked it.
-What man?
-Oh... ljust thought, you know,
someone as beautiful as you are
would, uh...
-Oh, well...
-You have an exquisite mouth,
you know.
-l do?
-l have a confession
to make too, actually.
l did the, uh, switcheroo
on purpose.
-l wanted to see you again.
-l don't know. You moved me.
-Because l was so pathetic,
l suppose?
-No. No, l can't explain.
Um... l'm sorry if
that's embarrassing.
-No. No, l mean, l...
l think you were... really...
very tender,
at the Laundromat.
You touched me.
-l wanted to.
Camille, l'd love to see you
in the moonlight
with your head thrown back
and your body on fire.
That was uncalled for.
-True. But if you wait
for what's called for,
usually nothing happens, so...
-Well, l am clearly
a bit out of my element here.
Can l have my... my laundry?
-No. No, l'm sorry, l'm sorry.
Sit down. l was just...
-l must be fun to shock
or something.
-lt's true, you are, but l...
-Well, l'm nobody's fool.
No, no, no. Of course you're
not. l'm the fool. l'm sorry.
-Can l have my laundry?
-So you're a school teacher,
-My laundry. Please.
Thank you.
[ Tory ]: lf the foundation
money comes through,
we might be all right.
We might be able to squeeze by.
But what do you mean,
good authority?
Did you talk to the foundation
'Cause if the money doesn't come
through this time, l don't--
-That is the problem here.
-l swearto God,
l've just about had it.
lf l'd known it was gonna be
like this, l would've--
-What? What, gone back
to your racoon act?
-Don't start that.
lt was a good idea.
-Yeah, racoons.
-How was l suppose to know
they were so selfish?
-You know, l think maybe
it's this fuse here.
-How did you find me?
-There aren't 20 Christian
with someone named Camille
teaching here.
Listen, l wanted to, uh...
apologize for being
so aggressive
last night.
l don't know anyone here,
and ljust...
-Let's go.
You look great.
[ laughing ]
-That's good! Most impressive!
So, we've covered abortion,
church and state,
predestination, drug abuse,
Ah yes, homosexuality.
How do approach
the homosexuality problem,
-Well, uh... l'm not really sure
l'd consider it a problem.
-Honey, what you said at Tom's.
Camille said that
it's important to love
the sinner but hate the sin,
so that, uh... you're allowed
to feel the desire
but not act on that desire.
-Well, in heteros...
in retrospect, sorry,
l've come to think that there's
a lot of room for multiplicity
in God's creation.
-You are aware that
that is contrary to doctrine
in this matter?
-God... God cannot be so cruel
as to decree that people
like... like that...
can never, ever be contented.
l mean, one's devotions
are not entirely chosen.
-But the Bible. l mean, there
isn't one condoning passage
in the entire Bible.
Not to mention
that every other holy book
of every major religion
opposes homosexuality.
-l know, yes.
-As a chaplain,
how would you counsel
a young Christian
who came to you
and said that he was struggling
with his desires
for another man?
-Well, l...
l would try to determine
whether sh...
he is reacting out of, uh...
Uh, it's a very controversial
issue, as you well know,
and l don't claim to have it
all worked out.
l don't
Когда опускается ночь Когда опускается ночь

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