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Когда Святые Маршируют

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I've got everything I need...
Why do I need this jazz?
I need to make money, Mendel...
Got a big family, appartment...
But who paid for all this?
For your money, for the Banja's
writing, for my music school?
Boris...Boris paid -
with 3 years in jail and 5 in exile
Because he was a fool!
Nobody forced him to say, what he said.
There was no proof!
We came out clean!
He wanted to play nobility...
and got a payback!
Everybody chooses his own way...
Go to hell!
He was too self-conceited!
Do you really think
he is on a business trip?
He didn't come on purpose -
to humiliate us!
An aristocrat!
Well, I'm leaving
Wait, Gerasim!
Leave me alone!
Please, come in!
The concert hall is there...Just a second!
Please, don't leave!
Leave me all alone!
If you leave now, we will never
meet again...Do you understand?
So be it!
We agreed to come and play,
and what happened? Boris didn't come!
Alex does not even want to look
into our side!
We came together, let's
leave together too!
Victor, tell Mendel to leave me alone!
Cool off, Gerasim!
Why? They made us looking foolish!
Smart people did not come! Where's Boris?
Where's your Lucie? Sick?
I'm not buying this!
What woman would show up after 20 years?
Or, maybe she is still sexy?
Gerasim, you're still the same noisy one!
My dear boys! My boys!
Gerasim Petrovich,
are we leaving or not?
Girls, you can go now -
I'll join you later...
A delegation from the City Hall!
Oh, here is the anniversary guy!
Congratulations! To you too!
Wish you wellness, happiness
and all kinds of success!
This is a poster from the 60s
with your first band staff on it...
You're the only one from that old staff left
Do you know where the others are now?
What do they do? Are they coming tonight?
There was no first staff...
This is a nice, long-forgotten legend...
It seems, these memories are not
too joyous for Alex...
Possibly, the past years did not spare him,
just like other "children of the thaw"...
But regardless, for the jazz fans of the 60s
the first Sokolnikov's band staff...
...will remain a beautiful
and living legend
Announce me!
Uncle Alex, may I play?
This is Boris Reshmin,
the son of Boris Reshmin...
Where is your dad?
He died
In remembrance of Boris Reshmin!..
Subtitles by Sergey Strakhov
Когда Святые Маршируют

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