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Когда Святые Маршируют

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not guilty for that,
is was a different time
No, they are! They are!
I'm very sorry...
I'm sorry. Bye!
I'd like to come
Yes, sure...Sure!
- Bye!
- Bye!
Banja! Hey, old man!
Hey, Victor! Where is Lucie?
She's sick, unfortunately...
She sent all of you her best regards
Am I at a right or at a wrong place?
You've said, you're not gonna come!
Let's go in, shall we?
Guys! Where is banjo?
Have you seen my banjo?
I left it here!
You'll have to redeem it!
Guys! Thanks for coming!
Jury! Did you find Boris?
He visited Reshmin!
He...he is on a business trip now!
An unexpected business trip!
Thank you for coming!
Let me tell to Felix...Felix!
Felix, let me explain everything...
Jury, you're putting me in huge troubles!
Where is a billboard, where are tickets?
Here, here is everything...
Where have you been all this time?
I was searching for the guys...
Look, look - there they are!
Victor Krotov, Banja, Gerasim...Mendel!
Listen...Are you crazy?
Did you ask me or Alex beforehand?
Felix, there is no big deal!
No big deal? Do you know, what happened?
Maybe nobody wants to see them here!
But there must be a certain
statute of limitations for these things...
Statute of limitations?
A lousy humanism!
They brought instruments!
They can take them away!
Guys, guys! Felix is happy,
but he is very busy right now, let's go!
Alex...Alex, we have a small slip...
Your old staff came -
Mendel, Krot, Banja, Gerasim...
I was not involved, I did not know!
I don't want to even hear about them!
Girls, girls - one minute countdown!
Please, take your seats!
Our anniversary guy..Bravo!
Guys, please come here
This is our table
Let's begin Alex, shall we?
Dear friends! We are beginning
our 30th anniversary jam session!
We all have jubilee,
but one of us has a double...
This is our honoured Alex Sokolnikov!
Alex turned 50 today...
Felix did not change at all...
- He could not approach us, why?
- We'll kick his ass later on!
To the founder of
the Leningrad's Jazz Club!
We are sitting here like poor relatives!
Their drink, our hangover...
Guys, let me tell him...
His friends came!
- Leave it...
-  No, maybe he did not see!..
Jury, he saw everything!
We are fine, Jury! Relax...
We just came, saw everybody,
remembered ourself...
Give me just one moment!
Guys, I'm with you!
Wonna play!
Like a kid...
Why are you all sad, divas?
Here are only old billy-goats!
No, just look around - here's Banja,
he looks like shit, but he's young inside!
He is our writer, almost a "classic" one...
Listen, are you married?
Not yet
See! What a dude!
Don't get lost!
Wonna go for a smoke?
Actually, he does not smoke,
but with you he will!
Banja, good luck!
Look, one more jazz fan is knocking!
Just a sec, I'll open! Jury!
I'll get the keys from Baranovsky!
Just a moment, Lucie!
Here...do you remember it?
We bought it together from Ernest...
No...I don't remember...
It's another life
Don't you remember Straube,
that small, accurate German guy?
He was asking for 2000 roubles,
but after he saw you, sold for 1500
For 1350!
So, you remember!
I'm sorry, when are you performing?
I don't know...maybe at the very end?
Very last? After the Angels?
All right, in this case - please go there!
So, you remember - for 1350!
I have a very good memory for numbers,
I'm a bookkeeper
Oh...and how is your bookeeping?
No complaints!
And how is life?
I've seen you on TV...
You became a real writer
Tell me about yourself!
I'm single, living alone...
Totally alone?
No, with my mom
Do you work a lot?
Yes, I do
Did you write about Angela?
What Angela?
A novel...You've said, you were going to
About me...Well, about a woman singer...
You've said, you'd write her from me...
She'd live in different epochs...
...constantly dying and raising
from the dead because of love...
...and so she is immortal
Oh, my gosh...
What, you did not write it?
I wrote nothing...Nothing!
Когда Святые Маршируют Когда Святые Маршируют

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