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Когда Святые Маршируют

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- Yes, he did...
Why didn't he call?
I don't know...
Oh, he did not have your number!
Well, if he really wanted,
he would surely find it out...
Well, that's OK. How is he doin?
He is fine, he travelled
to the States not a long time ago...
Oh, really? Many do now,
but who needs our jazz there?
Our emigrants have a nostalgy
for Russian songs...
No, we are on different tracks with him.
I've got everything I need, right?
Car, money, women...
Look, what a lord! He sent a lackey...
Wait, Gerasim! Please, wait!
Don't do this...There will be TV...
I don't need any ads,
I'm fully booked every night!
They will pay you! 50 roubles!..
I don't need your money!
100! They will pay you 100!
Listen, young man!
Do you know. who you are talking to?
Any problem here?
This guy is importunating!
We're gonna take care of him!
Hey, Nicolai!
Will Boris come too?
Yes, he will
Gee, what a Jesus Christ!
Yeah, his time has come, he'll put us to shame...
I have nothing to be ashamed of!
He should not have kicked
against the pricks!
Tell him so!
I'll tell him so...
You will be ashamed of yourself, Gerasim!..
Here! Found it!
Where do these magazines come from?
Who gave you this?..
Do you know what consequences
all of us can face?
I'm asking again - where do you have
these magazines from?
I gave him these
And who gave them to you?
I'm publishing them myself.
First, let me congratulate you
with the anniversary
This is a poster from the 60's
with your first band staff on it
You're the only one from that old staff left
Do you know where the others are now?
What do they do? Are they coming tonight?
There was no first staff...
This is a nice, long-forgotten legend...
I'm very sorry,
does Boris Reshmin live here?
That's me
Oh, I understand...
I meant Boris Igorevich
He's not here...
Come in.
Could you tell me, when he will be?
He died a year ago.
Died?.. I'm sorry, I did not know...
How? What happened?
I'm sorry, I did not know...
I'm from the jazz club. I go now...
Wait, wait a second.
Did you know Boris?
Well, I was a boy that time...
I'm just from work, they asked me in the club...
I work in an ambulance... Nobody knew that Boris...
Yes, he did not communicate with
anybody from musicians for a long time...
Please, come here
- Sit down
- Thanks
You said, they had asked you to come.
Today is an anniversary at the jazz club,
we wanted to  invite all veterans, the old staff...
Them? This would not fly...
Boris would never come.
So, you are a member of the club...
Can I see your I.D.?
- Why, mom?
- Silence, Boris! You don't know, but I do
- It's a different time, mom...
- THEY can do anything, I don't believe!
I don't quite understand...
Did you really know my husband?
I was not introduced,
but saw him in concerts...
Have you ever seen this?
Oh, yes sure! I had a couple of issues...
Did you know that my husband got
3 years in jail with exile for publishing it?
They called it "samizdat"...
Boris translated foreign articles on jazz...
Sometimes he wrote his own
critical essays on Soviet jazz...
There was no politics, only music!
They came searching the house,
there was a police investigation, a trial...
This is the first time I hear about it!
I swear!
- Our son was born in exile!
- Mom, please!
Only after a long time we could return
back home with no work, no money...
Where have you been all this time?
Nobody invited him to the jazz club! His friends forgot him!
But they did not know anything!
You did not know anything, but they did!
Everybody was under investigation -
they had written articles, printed photos...
They were just a bunch of cowards!
Boris acknowledged his full guilt,
and they just betrayed him!
But uncle Alex came...
Yes...yes, Sokolnikov helped...
when he could
That means, he knew?
Yes, he knew... He was the only one
from the club who attended the funeral
Mom, they are
Когда Святые Маршируют Когда Святые Маршируют

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