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Когда Святые Маршируют

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Victor Krotov
- Why? Who called you?
- Nobody, I came by myself...
Please explain yourself!
Well, it is complicated...
I need to know it! I'm his wife, we have no problem here!
Do you know me?
Lucie...my gosh...
You sang in the Sokolnikov's band...
I'm to both of you.
They have an anniversary at the jazz club...
This is for you... I'm Jury, I was carring
the double bass for you, guys...
Jury! I remember you...
Yep, the double bass carrier...
Are you inviting us?
Well, Alex Sokolnikov wants
to play with you at the night jam
Let's go now!..
We cannot come,
He squandered his banjo on drink
I sold it! Almost donated!..
To a good person!..
He will not be able
even to stay on his feet by night...
No, we'll go!
It is a celebration!
Guys, guys! Let's drink!
We have a good reason now!
Well, it is up to you -
but I'm not going there.
One sec, doc!
Now to the right...
Lucie will come. She is a good woman...
Turn left...
Let's go!
I don't want to go, go by yourself, Jury...
But why?
I just don't go.
It's up to you. I'll be back.
You know, nobody is there.
We'll have to come back.
Without me.
Victor, I don't understand -
you don't like him, or what?
Boris? He is a golden person,
the best of us..."Don't like"...
But why don't you want
to see him?
I'm afraid of him...
Can you tell me,
what happened that time?
Ask Banja, ask Sokolnikov - I was not
involved into their literature exercises
Jury, I'm gonna go find
an instrument for tonight...
Victor, please promise to come!
Leave me alone! Promises, promises...
"Don't drink, don't smoke, come on time..."
I'm a different kind of person.
I come, because I want to.
Because of me, not because of you.
- How about Mendel?
- I visit him myself!
Cleaner! What's a problem?
Ilya Zakarovich, let's play
what we played the last time!
No! Slavik, we are playing
the repertoire today.
Ilya Zakarovich, please!
OK, but softly - if Maria Andreevna hears it,
we'll have huge problems!
- Hi!
- Hi!
Ilya Zakarovich! You are not playing the repertoire!
It is close to the exams!
But he knows classics!
Slavik, please - Sen-Sans...
- Ilya Zakarovich, I hope, this is the last time!
- Sure!
Ata boy! Mendel, do you have a minute?
Slavik, play - I'm listening
Alex Sokolnikov is inviting us...
Oh, my gosh... The 30th
anniversary of the jazz club...
Night jam... my gosh...
Shall we?
Victor, have you realized,
how we will look there?
Have you forgotten our last meeting?
I'm not a little boy!
Twenty five years past,
everything is a history now...
Victor, please!
Nothing is forgotten...
We are renegades, betrayers...
I've never visited the club all these years,
and so have not you...
And Banja has not, because we are betrayers...
If you want to congratulate them,
send a cable - this will be nice!
You are yourself a betrayer!
This all is a stupidity...
- It is up to you, but I'm going...
- Go then!
Banja agreed, Boris will agree...
Boris will never agree!
Boris is not such a fool like you!
Please, don't insult me!
Mendel!..Let's go!..
Play a jam together...
Will you play?
By the way, I need a banjo...
Can you help getting it for a night?
Do you think I'll squander it on drink?
- No, I don't!
- No, you do!
- No...
Call this number, ask Sasha, refer to me,
He will give you a banjo for one night.
Are you coming?
No, I don't.
Well, we can survive without you, "drummer"!
Victor, when did you play banjo
for the last time?
I'm going to play and I will,
and you are a coward!
Who is not a coward?..
Alex! Alex is not a coward.
Do you think it was easy for him to invite us?
If you don't come - bad for you!
Who is that?...Lucie?..
Lucie, is that you?...Say something...
Listen, Lucie...let's meet in an hour
at our place...
Felix, where's Ella?
She will be late,
something happened at home
Let's begin without her!
She's here!
- Did he really invite me
Когда Святые Маршируют Когда Святые Маршируют

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