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meeting, we should talk.
You go ahead to the dining room
and talk. Feed him meat, at least.
I'll get rid of them and join you.
- Promise you'll be my second.
Launch the operation!
Brothers, bring the ammunition
Why are you here? What's wrong?
I lost. I realize you can't enforce love.
I've made a hard decision.
I give her to you.
- What?
- Yes, it's a present.
- What, you too?
- No, it's too expensive a gift.
- No, you don't understand anything.
You should marry her.
- How can I? I'm married.
So much the worse. You should've
thought earlier.
Now you deal with both of them,
the lover and the wife.
Why didn't you tell me he was
You never asked.
- What are these chests?
- The things of my ex-wife.
Give her the room. Where should
we put those chests?
No! Never. No room for her!
Don't listen to him, he's not quite himself.
- Go away!
- Quick!
- Get the mistress settled.
- What's going on?
Why do you whine like a
slaughtered one?
Mr. Chuguyev, my wife...
- My wife, Madam Chuguyeva.
- Glad to meet you. Pleased.
What are these chests?
These are the things of my wife.
Philip is my old friend, he came
with the things that belong to his wife.
Very good, I'll be with you in a
I won't expose your lies. Let her know
about your dealings from someone else.
Hello to the good company!
Gentlemen, make yourselves
comfortable. Bring more chairs.
We'll put your chests in the closet.
Gentlemen, how good it feels!
Everyone forgot about me. I was
choking on the meat there alone.
As if we couldn't live
without you. Leave me alone!
- Madam Chuguyeva, have a seat.
- Oh, you're here too?
Begging your pardon. How dared I...
I recant, I was revolting by the elevator.
I'm so tired of you, you can't
Pasha, I could do without you and
your nagging.
How dare you speak to me like
How dare you?
I'm the author of scientific treatises.
I'm a prominent ornithologist.
The British Academy of Sciences
elected me as its member.
I fight for flora and fauna.
I'll leave your house, you mean
- What's wrong with you?
- It doesn't concern you, sit down please.
My honor, gentlemen.
- Paul, wait!
I haven't eaten anything here.
I read Averchenko on the State
Duma today.
They have some congregation.
He wrote, "There were as many people there,
as there are hairs on Purishkevich's
head". But he's completely bald.
God, they'll drive me insane
I'm dying!
Call the doctor!
Fetch some water!
What are you giving me? It's vodka!
It's prob'ly left from the barking cabbie.
- Philip, don't leave me here!
- I never change my decisions.
- Did you hear, his wife is pregnant?
- Just heard it.
We should hide from her what's
going on. She doesn't suspect anything.
Hello, my gray dove.
What? I challenge you to a duel.
Choose your weapon, you dishonest perrson!
After you'd poked my face with
the broom, I'll choose the weapon!
You rascal!
Allow me, my good man.
- You plucked hoopoe!
- Lambic pentameter!
Pardon, I didn't aim at you.
I tried to take that nothing over
No need to help me, I'll manage,
don't be in my way.
I'm drowning!
This rascal surely can't be back.
Don't make me mad!
- A bald partridge!
- I could kill you.
I'm terrible in my anger!
I'll kill you!
- Stop!
Paul, what are you doing?
The bulldog!
You're the woman of my dreams!
Came back for you.
Do something!
I'll show you!
Sophie, I'm taking you with me,
you were born to be mine!
Watch your teeth, gentlemen.
Sophie, step aside, you're heavy.
Gentlemen, stop!
A police officer.
"Finita la comedia"
Mr. Vakhlakov,
You played a nasty joke on me.
You trip to Tver was an
Last night you were caught with
your pants down
indulged in adultery with the
spouse of Mr. Chuguyev.
How can it be? Incredible.
Jesus, do you have to make it
What are you talking about?
It's impossible, it can't be true.

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