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gentleman, flowers.
Interesting. As soon as I'm out,
there's an admirer.
- Who are you?
- I can't name myself, sorry.
I'm sorry for bringing you the terrible news.
As the man of honor I can't remain silent.
Last night I shot your husband
and I come here to atone.
Balderdash! My husband's alive.
You're mistaken, Madam, I shot
him pointblank.
He dropped on the spot at the stairs
near his apartment at 5, Tavricheskaya St.
If I knew that the late had such
a savoury spouse, I'd miss him.
Everything you say is a poppycock.
Andrey, we have some nutcase here!
I insist. I've sent your husband
to the netherworld.
Come in and see for yourself. And
get out!
Hurry with it!
Your anger adds to your charm.
So you're alive, darling?
God damn it, I couldn't miss.
I'm not darling to you.
I forbid you to call me like this.
And we're not acquainted.
You lie, we're well acquainted indeed.
You expected me. You even prepared
the drinks. Let's drink to your resurrection.
What does it mean?
To freshen the nip in time is the
real happiness.
- My suit.
- Your suit? Darling, who is this man?
Sophie, I'll explain.
- What a cutie!
You're my ideal of a woman.
- Shut up, you drunkard!
This suit is really his. I bought it
at the station when I was naked.
Yes, he trades in second hand clothes.
Take your rags, I don't need them anymore.
And by the way, Sophie is my wife.
I don't believe you, as Stanislavsky said.
This glamorous woman can't be the
spouse of the rascal.
Last night I saw you with
The swine!
- With whom did he see last night?
- Forget him.
Dear Sophie, what are you doing
tonight? - Leave me alone!
- I'm poet Ivanitsky, practically a genius.
- Don't touch my wife, villain!
Freak yourself.
Sophie, I'm taking you with me.
We're going to the poetic cellar "Stray Dog".
Kiss me, honey.
I'll shower you with poetry,
and you'll be sung in my oeuvres,
you'll be my Laura, my Beatrice, my...
You returned the debt, bastard!
Where did that monster come from,
what's going on?
With whom did he see you?
With whom?
Now I'll kill you for good!
- You think he's through with it?
- Master, he's some beast.
Got to throw him out.
Take him by the collar and do it.
He's too heavy.
Let's try it together.
But disarm him first.
I take him by the armpits, you
take the legs.
- What are you doing?
- Taking you out.
- Be careful with it.
- We are.
Man, some cognac!
Nothing but cognac!
Please, master.
Follow me, master.
Here's your revolver,
here's your bouquet.
Take him to the place you took
him from.
I'm pinned to the bar counter.
I'm drunk for ever, I don't care.
There goes my happiness, in the carriage
Fading in the silver mist...
It flows away in the carriage
In the snows of time,
in the expanse of ages,
There's only my soul left sinking
In the silver darkness of the hooves...
Dance, beautiful!
It casts sparks into the dark,
Lighting up the dead of night...
The bell jingles in the harness
Singing of the past happiness...
It's only the golden harness
That I can see there all night long...
And my soul, my poor deaf soul,
Is deadly drunk, is deadly drunk...
Remember where we go from?
Turn back.
I'm on my way, master.
Alone... at last...
Who the hell that might be?
Mr. Marusin to see you.
- What does he want?
Wrong time, as usual.
I should talk to you. How do you
do, Sophie.
Don't stand up, you're heavy.
- I must fight the duel.
- You? With whom?
With that scoundrel Ivanitsky.
I'll skin him alive. - Why?
- The woman, of course.
- What about your commandments?
About turning the other cheek.
- I don't care for commandments.
I want meat.
How come? You never touched meat.
- I'll touch it today.
- Zakharych! Do you have meat?
- Raw?
Raw is fine.
Calm down, please. You're my
friend. I cherish you and...
Stepan, is the address right?
Should we unload it?
But it's still too early...
Squirrel, what's up?
I have a business

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