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m poet Ivanitsky, practically a genius.
- Don't touch my wife, villain!
Freak yourself.
Sophie, I'm taking you with me.
We're going to the poetic cellar "Stray Dog".
Kiss me, honey.
I'll shower you with poetry,
and you'll be sung in my oeuvres,
you'll be my Laura, my Beatrice, my...
You returned the debt, bastard!
Where did that monster come from,
what's going on?
With whom did he see you?
With whom?
Now I'll kill you for good!
- You think he's through with it?
- Master, he's some beast.
Got to throw him out.
Take him by the collar and do it.
He's too heavy.
Let's try it together.
But disarm him first.
I take him by the armpits, you
take the legs.
- What are you doing?
- Taking you out.
- Be careful with it.
- We are.
Man, some cognac!
Nothing but cognac!
Please, master.
Follow me, master.
Here's your revolver,
here's your bouquet.
Take him to the place you took
him from.
I'm pinned to the bar counter.
I'm drunk for ever, I don't care.
There goes my happiness, in the carriage
Fading in the silver mist...
It flows away in the carriage
In the snows of time,
in the expanse of ages,
There's only my soul left sinking
In the silver darkness of the hooves...
Dance, beautiful!
It casts sparks into the dark,
Lighting up the dead of night...
The bell jingles in the harness
Singing of the past happiness...
It's only the golden harness
That I can see there all night long...
And my soul, my poor deaf soul,
Is deadly drunk, is deadly drunk...
Remember where we go from?
Turn back.
I'm on my way, master.
Alone... at last...
Who the hell that might be?
Mr. Marusin to see you.
- What does he want?
Wrong time, as usual.
I should talk to you. How do you
do, Sophie.
Don't stand up, you're heavy.
- I must fight the duel.
- You? With whom?
With that scoundrel Ivanitsky.
I'll skin him alive. - Why?
- The woman, of course.
- What about your commandments?
About turning the other cheek.
- I don't care for commandments.
I want meat.
How come? You never touched meat.
- I'll touch it today.
- Zakharych! Do you have meat?
- Raw?
Raw is fine.
Calm down, please. You're my
friend. I cherish you and...
Stepan, is the address right?
Should we unload it?
But it's still too early...
Squirrel, what's up?
I have a business meeting, we should talk.
You go ahead to the dining room
and talk. Feed him meat, at least.
I'll get rid of them and join you.
- Promise you'll be my second.
Launch the operation!
Brothers, bring the ammunition
Why are you here? What's wrong?
I lost. I realize you can't enforce love.
I've made a hard decision.
I give her to you.
- What?
- Yes, it's a present.
- What, you too?
- No, it's too expensive a gift.
- No, you don't understand anything.
You should marry her.
- How can I? I'm married.
So much the worse. You should've
thought earlier.
Now you deal with both of them,
the lover and the wife.
Why didn't you tell me he was
You never asked.
- What are these chests?
- The things of my ex-wife.
Give her the room. Where should
we put those chests?
No! Never. No room for her!
Don't listen to him, he's not quite himself.
- Go away!
- Quick!
- Get the mistress settled.
- What's going on?
Why do you whine like a
slaughtered one?
Mr. Chuguyev, my wife...
- My wife, Madam Chuguyeva.
- Glad to meet you. Pleased.
What are these chests?
These are the things of my wife.
Philip is my old friend, he came
with the things that belong to his wife.
Very good, I'll be with you in a
I won't expose your lies. Let her know
about your dealings from someone else.
Hello to the good company!
Gentlemen, make yourselves
comfortable. Bring more chairs.
We'll put your chests in the closet.
Gentlemen, how good it feels!
Everyone forgot about me. I was
choking on the meat there alone.
As if we couldn't live
without you. Leave me alone!
- Madam Chuguyeva, have a seat.

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