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- Are you alive or what?
- He's alive, alive!
It's my husband.
The master's alive!
The master is risen.
Outrageous. Decent corpses don't
behave like this.
You were lost, murdered. The
police force looks for you.
and you don't have a right to
come home like this.
- Who is this gentleman?
- A police officer.
We thought a disaster befell you.
What happened to you?
Why're you dressed so terribly?
- Have you noticed?
- Yes, I have.
- It's all the railroad's fault.
- The railroad?
How did you find yourself at the
railroad, my bunny?
Simple. I just came back from
From Tver, that where from.
- Yeah, From Tver.
- What do you mean, Tver?
I went to the station to see my friends off,
went into the car with them...
- What happened next?
I heard... Far away...
They don't blow any whistles anymore.
- What d'you mean, they don't?
What about that...
- I did itjust now, but not the steam
- My poor nightingale!
- I've been thinking about you all the way.
So while I was getting back, I
was robbed. - How horrible!
At the station I was completely naked...
With passengers around me, y'know.
Ultimately naked?
Without anything on?
No, I had something on,
of course.
- What exactly?
- Definitely my undergarments.
What undergarments precisely?
- So you had your undies on?
The thieves didn't manage to take
them away from me. Though they tried.
Well, as they say, it's all clear
as day now. - Nothing is clear.
In what exactly manner, if you
had been robbed in a railway car in Tver,
your things turned up at the pavement
outside 5, Tavricheskaya St?
- Well, that was... so to say.
- Speak up.
Were they found?
Here Are your things.
And here's the man who found them.
Is it you?
What's wrong?
Be kind enough not to speak Doggese.
Pay me for bringing your things
to you.
Sorry, this is the evidence now.
What evidence?
Give me my things!
I'm alive, I'm home, and please
get out with your service dogs.
Stepped on my paw!
The corpse was a trouble-maker.
An ugly mug.
Zakharych, bring me my house coat.
And you, Marfa, some hot tea and
My hen, how good to be back home.
My sunny bunny,
so many worries within one day.
The fate inevitably approached
Announce me, dear.
Lady, some gentleman asks for
- Who's that?
- Looks A gentleman, flowers.
Interesting. As soon as I'm out,
there's an admirer.
- Who are you?
- I can't name myself, sorry.
I'm sorry for bringing you the terrible news.
As the man of honor I can't remain silent.
Last night I shot your husband
and I come here to atone.
Balderdash! My husband's alive.
You're mistaken, Madam, I shot
him pointblank.
He dropped on the spot at the stairs
near his apartment at 5, Tavricheskaya St.
If I knew that the late had such
a savoury spouse, I'd miss him.
Everything you say is a poppycock.
Andrey, we have some nutcase here!
I insist. I've sent your husband
to the netherworld.
Come in and see for yourself. And
get out!
Hurry with it!
Your anger adds to your charm.
So you're alive, darling?
God damn it, I couldn't miss.
I'm not darling to you.
I forbid you to call me like this.
And we're not acquainted.
You lie, we're well acquainted indeed.
You expected me. You even prepared
the drinks. Let's drink to your resurrection.
What does it mean?
To freshen the nip in time is the
real happiness.
- My suit.
- Your suit? Darling, who is this man?
Sophie, I'll explain.
- What a cutie!
You're my ideal of a woman.
- Shut up, you drunkard!
This suit is really his. I bought it
at the station when I was naked.
Yes, he trades in second hand clothes.
Take your rags, I don't need them anymore.
And by the way, Sophie is my wife.
I don't believe you, as Stanislavsky said.
This glamorous woman can't be the
spouse of the rascal.
Last night I saw you with
The swine!
- With whom did he see last night?
- Forget him.
Dear Sophie, what are you doing
tonight? - Leave me alone!
- I'


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