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amber eyes, always tired,
And the drunk heat
of his swollen lips...
Zakharych, what?
Mother mistress, calm down. I made
a round of restaurants, everything's closed.
I visited the Lost & Found
office. Nothing.
I dropped by the establishment.
Everyone's asleep there.
The milk!
Jesus... What could I do?
I have terrible suspicions.
Marfa, how can you indulge in this rot
in such a terrible moment?
What callousness!
'Scuse me, mistress, The doctor
prescribed you. The future baby demands it.
God, he'll be born an orphan.
- Why do you wail?
- You haven't paid me for the milk.
Serge is the country neighbor.
And a dentist.
Ah, my friend, I'm losing my
mind, I don't know what to do.
Andrey isn't back yet. I telephoned
home. He never reacted to the call.
He's not been seen at the factory.
I feel he's dead.
You don't say that, dear.
Be courageous.
The police showed up right in time.
Allow me to introduce myself,
Officer Norsky.
I'm most happy, lady, to have the lucky
chance to... - What do you mean, lucky?
For us, maintainers of law and order,
a case like this is a real find.
So, you claim that your husband is
most certainly murdered?
Murdered? How could I know it?
You don't have to worry. We'll know it.
Do you have his photographic
You know, here he is only 7.
Pity. Most likely, he's changed a lot.
Zakharych, on the double...
It could be the news from the master.
I'm in such a nervous condition.
Don't worry, I sympathize completely.
You don't widow every day.
Lady, did you husband...
bet on horses or gamble?
Or could he be taken to drink?
You're insane. Never!
- What about cocaine?
- Balderdash, never!
- Too bad.
- Why's that?
- For our investigation...
- I want to thrash you!
- What? - There's a cabbie.
He brought the master's dress.
Found it in the street.
- The dress with no master in it?
- Where's the master then?
There was no master in the dress.
Excellent, a wonderful turn of events.
What else does your witness say?
He doesn't exactly say anything,
he barks.
Did you find Mr. Vakhalakov's
things in the street?
Answer me!
- What's wrong with him?
- I told the mistress, he barks.
Don't pay me any mind, it happens
to me. When I'm excited.
- Don't be excited, speak up.
- Give him a glass of vodka.
Come on, speak.
This morning as I drove my Slob,
that be my horse...
- At the Tavricheskaya...
- Near what house?
- Near the number 5.
- That's our apartment there!
5, Tavricheskaya?
At the Tavricheskaya St. I found
those things, and from the papers
I knew that those things belong
to Mister Vakhlakov.
Another glass!
Not to me, to him.
And the doorman of the house told me
that Mr. Vakhlakov lives in the country
Give it to me, we'll have a look.
The passport!
The box of mint pastilles.
Small change.
A toothpick.
- Yes, it's his toothpick.
- And what is that?
It's a thing so that his auto is not stolen.
- A revolver.
- It's his revolver.
All cartridges are intact. The victim
was assaulted unexpectedly.
And that it wasn't a suicide
by way of a gunshot.
Sophie, could he drown?
How did those things turn up
there, don't you know?
In regard to that, I can only say
that I found those things at...
Another glass.
At the pavement?
Is it so hard to say "at the pavement"?
The lady says and doesn't yap.
- Have you been ailing long?
- From the birth.
My mother from a greyhound...
thatjumped her...
Were you born from a dog and your
- No, when my mother was pregnant...
- It's all clear, alright.
Don't hold your glass, they won't
pour you any more.
I'm sorry, you've quite forgot
about my husband.
Forward. Enough guzzling, go!
A beast is a beast.
- Mrs. Vakhlakova, sign the
protocol please. - Hush.
- What's happened?
There's someone moving in the house.
Holy Mother...
It's the master's ghost.
- Andrey, is that you?
- What's wrong with you, my friend?
What's wrong? You look like you
see the

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