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I won't stay dressed in a lady's presence.
Andrey, he undresses!
I can't remain dressed if you're
basically, in a shirt.
What should we do?
Madam, you can't tango at all.
Oh Lord, how good it feels!
Don't yell.
I'm trying to sleep here.
- Who's that riffraff?
- What riffraff? - That riffraff.
- What riff... - You know him!
- I don't know him!
He's a poet, a friend of my husband.
- Why do you have to yell like this?
He's a decadent poet.
He'll tell my husband. I'm done!
Hush! We'll wake him up.
Enough bewailing!
We should escape. - Where to?
- To the balcony!
- I'm lost, lost!
Enough moaning.
You rascal!
Save me! Put me down, I'm afraid
of the height.
Yard-keeper, tell the doorman, we
have a madman in here!
What happened?
I heard two shots, your excellency,
and shouts.
- Is it 5, Tavricheskaya St.?
- As you see it.
- What happened?
- Someone shouted and fired.
- A male or a female?
- They screamed in unison.
- Call the doorman.
- He's not sober, your excellence.
In the name of law, open up! The police!
Coming, Mr. Policeman, in a moment.
- I don't have a key, it's in my robe.
- Then take it out.
The robe was thrown into the street.
Enough jokes. I'm on duty.
Impossible. The key's in the
street, in my robe. Yes, it's true!
I'll have to resort to firearms.
Step aside from the door.
Allow me. I'm a gunner after all,
and a person concerned, in general.
Just a sec. Let me have your
Why should I?
Because you're the concerned person.
- I demand it!
- I'll teach her a lesson anyway.
Oh spare me that.
Where are the owners of that
Where the hell are they? I've
just spoken to them.
Don't you recognize
this dress by any chance?
This is...
Oh, is it you, the rascal!
You fooled around and rented my
2nd floor, the bastard!
- I won't allow any assault and battery!
- Give me the gun! I'll kill him!
Atten-SHUN! You're the officer!
Here's the denounciation!
Good morning.
What happened?
Is it you? You... Look, you're...
- Who do you think you are?
- I don't have any words for it.
- You don't need them.
Do you suspect me of anything?
You know, I won't abase myself
with excuses.
How? Oh you the traitor,
I'll tear you to pieces!
You won't deny, Madam, that you
were caught in adultery?
I will.
Could you give me the chance
to change my clothes?
- Give me the revolver!
- Attention!
I must retreat to the bathroom.
Allow me to ask you to escort me,
I need to offer you some explanation.
Well, the wife is unfaithful, it happens.
Mine was unfaithful to me many times.
My officer's honor...
When a decent man has the honor
of a decent woman in his hands,
he's supposed to take care of it.
What a horrible... awakening.
- Cavalier, are you coming?
- I'm trying to fit into the suit of that wacko.
Catch up with me on the stairs.
You scared me so!
- Truth what?
Well yes. How did you know I'm here?
Philip told me that you're
here indulged in adultery.
Where's the lover? I'll kill him.
The rascal!
I hate you!
Hate you!
Hate you!
What does it all mean?
Is it you, worthless rhymester?
So it's you...
I'll kill the bastard!
Now get it, quill-driver!
Stay calm.
The ornithologist felt like a bird.
I'm a falcon, a stormbringer.
No, I'm a seagull.
A seagull, I'm a young eagle.
How did you get there, my good man?
Hold on tight! We'll call the fire brigade.
Make your suits with the fabrics
of the Manufacture Association.
I still wonder how you got there.
- Mommy! Take me down!
- Call the fire brigade.
Thief, give me back my suit!
Don't shoot, take mercy, I won't
do it again.
I killed everyone!
The End of Part 1
Part 2
You go home drunk
and deadly pale
Along the dark back streets.
Strangely you seem to remember
Only the blue curtain
of his window.
And crimson pillows
of the sofa,
L'Orsay perfume
and the Martel cognac.

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