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Did you happen to serve in
Gen. Kuropatkin's HQ, in Manchuria,
in the Russo-Japanese War?
- I was the General's aide.
Isn't it nice to meet a comrade
in arms!
Glad to see you, your excellence.
I thought where I could've seen
you. It's the battlefield.
I was discharged as the 1st Lt.
and went into commerce.
My spouse prefers your fabrics.
- She has excellent taste.
I'll introduce you.
Mr. Vakhlakov here is going to let
our 2nd floor. I know him from the war.
I'll prepare the contract. You
entertain the guest.
- The idea is marvelous.
- I can't live without you.
- I love you.
- When, oh when? - Tonight.
Don't you think your husband would know?
I hope not. He's not Philip,
he's Philbert.
I've prepared the contract. You read it
at home and we'll sign it tomorrow.
- Madam, it was a pleasure to meet you.
- I hope we'll be good neighbors.
I hope, too.
God bless you. See you soon.
- A well-mannered young man, doesn't he?
- He's nice, but I pity him.
He's so young and already impotent.
- It cannot be.
- He told me himself.
Now allow me to finish my talking letter.
I'm going to have
dinner with my mother.
- I'll go straight home.
- All right. I'll be waiting.
So, where did I stop? My roll is finished.
It means I didn't stop it.
- I love you.
- When, oh when? - Tonight.
I'll tell my husband that I'll
dine with my mother.
Don't you think your husband would know?
I hope not. He's not Philip, he's Philbert.
- Tonight at 5, Tavricheskaya St.?
- Tonight. 5, Tavricheskaya.
At the Tavricheskaya St.?
Who is that man?
Today we had Ivanitsky in the house,
but they are not acquainted.
At the Tavricheskaya.
Someone mentioned that address today.
Vakhlakov? But it was his first time here.
And I introduced him myself.
Moreover, women are in the past
for him.
Jesus, why does it have to happen
to me?
The hypocrite.
The friend of the house.
- Stepan! Where is the mistress?
- She'sjust left. In a cab.
The mean woman.
What a nice weather, isn't it?
What a nice weather, isn't it?
Here I am, in person.
Meanwhile, at Vakhlakov's
Serge, guess: the first letter is "m"
the second is "a"...
A creature that every woman needs?
I don't know...
You see this kind of creature, Sophie.
I think, it's 'a man'.
We can't live without a man.
What a silly stuff. Let's have some tea.
- Sophie, do you mind?
Sure, Serge.
I'll show you stereo pictures and let this
tango warm up our hearts.
I've got them from Paris.
French life-style.
Bring me a strawberry jam.
Composition One.
Premonition of love.
- My God, isn't she ashamed?
- What exactly to be ashamed of?
He will come soon.
- Does she expect him right in her bed?
- A French woman.
- They do it, that way.
Sweet relax.
My love.
What's up?
This is Andre.
Hello, yes, dear, it's me your sweetheart.
I'll get prepared to meet stock-holders.
- You work too much, dear.
I'm glad you telephone to me,
my sweet monster. Serge is here.
I hate to hear this dentist is around you
when I'm out. Show him the door!
He came to Zakharych to treat his tooth.
- Let him go, when it's over.
Kiss you, my bird, my sweet girl,
my sweetest girl!
I give you a big hug.
Have you ever cleaned your teeth?
Too late to treat it. I've to pull it down.
Pull it down, Serge: his mouth stinks
awufully, indeed.
- It's painful. He'll start yelling.
- I'll put some loud music.
I hate when people shout.
My God!
Here you are!
Marpha, follow me!
Give me my tooth!
Wait, son of a bitch!
A lady to see you.
Thank you, Matvey.
- Kill the light.
- No light.
Then, please... turn away from me.
- I can't.
- Then close your eyes.
- It's above me.
And then, how could I cope with that
damned corset with my eyes closed?
- You know, the hooks are in the front.
- Why didn't you tell me so?
- I thought you knew.
All of you have it different ways.
Please, I'm begging you... turn away.

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