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tearing my precious manuscripts hot
from my hands, shouting "A masterpiece!"
and I stay behind gutted
out to the bottom.
I find solace in drink and cocaine.
- The author's life is sure hard.
I lost to you yesterday.
I don't even remember how much.
- 35 rubles. - Say it again?
- 35 rubles.
Tell me, Mr. Ivanitsky,
is it hard to compose verse?
- Stepan, please announce me.
- Here you are, master.
- Mr. Marusin to see you.
- What Marusin? Academician?
The same! Our close friend.
Please invite him.
Or we'll see no end to it!
My dear, is your mistress home?
Stepan, ask him in. Sorry.
Here we go... What do I...
Well' we've got used to it.
I'm all thumbs.
I'm a walking disaster.
Pavel, why are you frozen?
We spoke of you. Come in.
My dear friend, how've you been?
Pavel, it's not for me neither.
- Yes, but I'm awkward about it.
Please accept it. This flower
doesn't grow in Russia.
In Russian, it's a hordenine.
I brought it for you from China.
- Are you back from China?
Like Chatsky, from the ship to the reception.
- Have a seat, Pavel Petrovich.
Why shouldn't you be more
Sit closer, please.
- He sits...
... on my foot!
He sits on my foot!
- Who?
- Marusin!
Aglaya Nikitichna, pray forgive me!
Stepan, we need ice!
I'll blow on it!
I'm sorry.
I swear I didn't mean to!
- Forgive me for Chrissakes!
- Please do calm down!
Let me introduce Menelaus Semenovich
Ivanitsky, decadent poet.
Of course, I've read you and am an avid fan.
I'm thrilled by your progressive ideas...
Yes, your poesy, "Leprosy Marionette".
- On the waters' transparency.
- "The Wine of Love".
- On the beauty of fields.
- "The Cupid's Arrow".
- This is the work of genius!
- Your work on the feathered.
- The poet in the field of study.
- How do you feel?
- Considerably better.
Madam, allow me to take my leave.
It was an unforgettable meeting!
I sure seem to have seen you.
- I'll see you off.
I was staggered by your Marusin.
An academician, a great mind, but here?
I was discouraged myself. He's new at that.
I suggested he seek psychiatric help, but...
All the best to you.
Pasha, what have you done? You broke
the vase given to me by General Kuropatkin.
What is this, huh?
Aglaya Nikitichna, don't nurse a
grudge. I'll never forget myself.
Pavel Petrovich, be quiet.
- Should I leave?
- I like your present very much.
- Really?
- Really.
You should water it a lot.
And it loves sun.
You'd better keep it on the sill.
When rays of sun fall on the flower,
the leaves produce chlorophyll
that facilitates its life.
They're not acquainted yet.
I have a present for You.
Aglaya Nikitichna, here is Fringilla Quilleps.
It is a bird, rather than crocodile.
Singing birdie... for You.
- At your service.
- Mr. Chuguyev, if I'm not mistaken?
- Yes, sir.
- The master of this house?
I'm not, really, my wife is, but
it doesn't matter.
- Do you let the 1st floor?
- Yes. Do you want to see it?
Not necessary. I like the house anyway.
Well, if it's a custom.
Bravo, professor.
It wouldn't even wish to... when in cage.
Don't worry, my silly sweetheart
It's wonderful, amazing,
a separate entrance. It's
convenient, you know.
Well, what about the price?
Do you hear that bird sing?
We've never let out.
Dire straits, you see.
- 250 rubles.
- 250?
Is it a lot?
I think 300 could be paid for
apartments like this easily.
- What do you mean, 300?
- Yes. - As you wish. I agree.
- Your finch has escaped.
- No problem.
Now, let's go home.
I've to leave.
- Remember me, when you hear it.
- Thank you, Pavel Petrovich.
This gift is too much for me...
... indeed.
I should warn you though. The house
belongs to my wife. It's not a parlor house.
- You should live decently.
Don't worry. I'm not interested in women.
I'm quiet and unattached.
- D'you wish to sign a contract?
I'm ready.
Andrey Vakhalakov, Manufacture
Association. It's a well-known

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