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in mysterious ways.
Help me Lord. Fire!
It's him! My husband fired it!
- What happened?
- What husband?
- My husband fires it!
Darling, it's the gun that every day tells
the citizens that the noon has come.
My husband speaks through that
But it's not noon, it's 10 after!
Yes, I dropped the watch and now
it's slow.
In the next 100 years the Russian Empire
was always late for 10 and more minutes.
This is nonsense! Promise you'll come
to me tonight.
I'm not sure.
It all happened at the shore,
where waves are so hostile,
That you never could see
any ships at the sea.
The Queen played charming Chopin
at the elegant castle,
The page, listening to music,
fell in love, fell in sin...
It all happened so simply,
it all happened so oddly.
The Queen asked him
to cut the vermilion fruit...
Then she gave him a half,
as she languished him fondly,
She was wrapped into music,
so seductively cute.
Then she gave herself wholly,
she made love to him stormily,
And the dame slept till morning
as an obedient slave...
It all happened at the shore,
multicolored like a tourmaline,
Where waves are so hostile
and the page sings a lay...
- Stepan, is the mistress home?
- She's not back yet, sir Major.
How many times should I tell you
I'm neither Major nor Sir. I'm a civilian.
You're not an ammunition carrier,
you're a lackey. - Yes, sir, your excellence!
Oh Andre, I'm so afraid.
What have we done?
It's my first time, by the way.
We haven't done anything yet!
Yesterday you visited me, but
were so cruel.
Tonight or never!
I'm not the person to toy with.
Hold on, madam!
- Andre! You're totally marvelous.
- This isjust love!
- Thank you.
- Wait. Don't leave like this!
You may rent our first floor.
Dearest Mommy, I'm sending you a talking
letter, the technical innovation.
Happy birthday to you.
- Here I am.
Sadly, distances separate us,
the whole Russia,
but our present dire straits preclude me
from coming to Yekaterinburg.
why do you tickle me when I
dictate to a phonograph?
What deep thoughts do you dictate
it, I wonder?
You don't have to be nasty,
you'd better call for breakfast.
This is a strange routine when the man
and wife breakfast at different time.
It's not the way it should be.
I'm so tired of living in the barracks.
Stepan, serve breakfast to the mistress.
- Right now or some time later?
Later, you dimwit!
I'm sick of that lame moron.
Don't we have the money for a maid?
A martinet serves coffee
to my bed every morning.
I'm expecting the alarm to sound
in our house any day.
- This gentleman wishes to see you.
- Another gunner?
Menelaus Ivanitsky, decadent poet,
my friend from the club.
- Mr. Ivanitsky, my spouse.
- Enchanted.
If I'm not mistaken, I had the pleasure
of seeing you in my residence?
- Sorry, I don't know where you reside.
- 5, Tavrichesky St.
I've never visited such an
- It means I've made a mistake.
- Yes, you have.
What could I do for you?
Card debts are paid within 24 hours.
- Did you have to worry about it?
- Money likes counting.
Yesterday you had a better
chance. You were, so to say...
I was drunk as a lord.
Yes, every night after 10
I'm drunk as a cobbler,
but in the morning at my desk
I think in images.
My mind is shrouded by mystical
Something otherworldly
guides my gifted quill.
Vague silhouettes of the past and future
fight in my mind and I write in that mist.
Yet sometimes love guides me.
Today I've written this. It's called "I Want".
Will you allow me?
- Of course. Please.
I want to be impudent and brave,
I want a laurel of fresh grape
I want to drink your splendid body
I want to tear your clothes wide open
I want to know your satin bosom,
I want our lusts to be as one.
Gods, go away, and you people, scram!
I want to stay with her alone.
- Charming, isn't it?
- Yes. Quite charming.
Avaricious publishers with advance
royalties swarm in the hall,

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