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- You're so heavy.
- Yes, I'm quite awkward.
- Did I kill him?
- No, he's alive.
Take your trousers off.
My sunshine... my precious.
I'm left like a sorry orphan.
The blood!
Enough wailing, dress my arm.
I'm bleeding to death.
Is anything else hit, apart from
the leg?
- Everything's fine.
- Thank God. I'll dress him.
Give me something. What should I
dress your wound with?
A skirt, in a moment. Damn this skirt.
- I'm not afraid with you.
Please be patient, honey.
My love, I adore you. I can't live without you.
My happiness...
- Bear with it.
- I'll be fine at the wedding.
What wedding?
Aglaya Nikitichna!
Be my wife! I ask you.
I beg you!
I'll take you to my place.
I'll banish Philip to hell.
It's my house.
I'll cure you...
I'll... Oh how I'll cure you!
I'll be your wife.
You turned everything
into a joke
And you started
your bitter reproaches
Then you shook
your beautiful head
And wiped your tears
with a kerchief.
You laughed teasing me
with your teeth
Suddenly forgetting everything
Then you remembered,
just as suddenly
And cried,
losing all your hair-pins.
You turned ugly and went away
Then came back,
as if waiting for something
You cursed me,
turning your back on me
Then you left for good,
as I felt it.
Well, it's time to get back
to business
The ancient business of mine
Could the life go away
for good, too
Rustling just like your dress?
The Epilogue
Y'know, Stepan, I'd sure like to
fire a gun.
- What? Now?
- Why should we postpone it?
We've got to celebrate the new
free life with the artillery salute.
But the city's asleep. We'll wake
them and be punishee. - Big deal!
I'm tired to live by regulations.
- Let's fire it.
Well, bring the shell.
Haven't you forgotten how to charge it?
Trying to offend me?
Where would we live now, your
Should we maybe go back to the artillery
service? - I'm too old for that now.
Or I could go to my father's Siberian
estate. Will you come with me?
There's no other place for me.
Let it be Siberia.
What are we doing, excellence?
The folks will go batshit.
They might think the war's out.
The war broke out 2 months later.Mosfilm Studios
Dedicated to St. Petersburg's
Gulliver and Luch Film Companies
Russia TV Channel
Moscow Mayor's Office with
Russian Ministry of Culture
and St. Petersburg Foundation
Captain, why do we surface?
We're lost, your excellence.
Got to check the coordinates.
- What is this city?
- Looks like Hamburg to me.
Like hell it is.
It's St. Petersburg.
I was the naval attache here
of our great Fatherland.
I see the Russian cruiser
Urgent diving until they see us.
- Destroy the witness.
Yevgenya Kryukova
Natalia Shchukina
Sergey Makovetsky
Nikolay Fomenko
Vladimir Simonov
Sergey Bezrukov
Leonid Timtsunik
Fedor Chekhankov
Alexander Pashutin
Andrey Tolubeyev
in the film by Eldar Ryazanov
The Bedroom Key
Written by Eldar Ryazanov
Based on the farce by Georges Feydeau
Director of Photography
Nikolay Nemolyayev
Production Designers Alexander
Borisov and Leonid Svintsitsky
Music by Andrey Petrov
Conducted by Yevgeny Kolobov
Costume Designer Natalia Ivanova
Make-Up by Yekaterina Ivanova
Produced by Leonid Bitz and
Eldar Ryazanov
Your excellences, the telegraph
is down. When are we going to fire?
What do you mean? What's the time
by your watch? 1.02. Can it be fast?
My watch shows 10 to noon.
- Is it slow?
- We'll be in time, sir.
In time for what? When do we fire?
The time's different.
And the telegraph's down.
What shall we do?
In the meantime, in the cinema.
I beg you. I adore you.
How much longer can you torture me?
Ah, Andre. I seem to fall in love for the
first time.
Let's go to my place. The time's
Oh Andre, I... I'm afraid,
I'm married.
I don't understand what to do.
When do we fire?
Jesus, when should I command it?
- Guvnor, shoot it now.
Truth speaks

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