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Sophie, relax.
I'll send my seconds to you.
Does the insulted husband want to
challenge me too?
The insulted husband doesn't want
to get soiled.
Initially, the husband saw red,
he was insulted and cuckolded.
Philip, how can you saw this?
I'm not Philip, I'm Filbert.
A filbert.
The phonograph!
Really, Vakhlakov...
you're a regular bastard.
A curious plot, come to think of it,
for a tear-jerking motion picture.
I could hardly find it, it being so early.
Had to wake the weapons store owner.
- Why is it only one?
- He didn't have a couple.
What shall we do, gentlemen?
On case of a duel, the weapons
should be the same.
You can fight it with only one
- The police took mine.
- We'll take turns.
Then I'm the first to shoot.
As an insulted party.
You'll draw lots.
- A swell thing.
- I'll test it.
The duel was special, ladies
You could hit me, you know.
I could.
Appreciate it that I missed.
The pistol is fine.
- So that's what you are.
Yes, I'm this way. Let's start.
Mr. Turgin, count 20 steps.
20, precisely.
Forgive me, it's the devil's work.
Speak well of me. I'm guilty all around.
Go away!
I wish you were hit, traitor.
I'm expecting the child, the
heir, and you...
You're such a rascal. I can't see
you anymore.
Philip, why don't you defend my honor?
I'm your wife, not Pavel Petrovich's.
They defend the honor of those who have it.
- Don't you dare insult Aglaya Nikitichna.
I'll fight you after Vakhlakov!
- I would advise against it, my birdie.
You're so... wonderful. It's like
I really see you for the first time.
It hurts!
Aglaya's soul was again inflamed
with the feelings not yet spent.
Do you really love me?
- Who, me? Yes, no, I don't know...
But I do! Try to stay alive. I'm yours.
My life belongs to you from now on.
What's wrong with you?
Do you feel unwell?
I'm not myself with happiness.
My love!
- Sorry to trouble you.
- What's the problem?
Practically none. The business
comes first, then the pleasures.
My God! Forgive me, love, I'll
come back to you.
- Put your glasses on, you've got to aim.
- Oh, thank you.
Messrs. Duellists, step to me.
Mr. Vakhlakov, you shoot the
Take your positions.
- Mr. Vakhlakov, you shoot on the
count 3. - I know!
The Baltic seagull.
For luck.
1... 2... 3!
Wait, Aglaya, the duel's not over
Are you alive?
It's nothing, I'm wounded in the
Aglaya Nikitichna, my happiness,
don't worry.
Give me the pistol,
it's my turn now.
Back to your place.
Now you'll be fired at.
Don't you know the duels were
legally banned?
Should've thought of it before.
Now it's his turn.
I forgot to mention, I'm the
principal opponent of duels.
It's ridiculous to settle
arguments by a stray bullet.
It's a shame. Any reasonable man
would agree with me.
We'll make you stand against the
It's a shame. Any reasonable man
would agree with me.
Now it's his turn. You were the
first to shoot.
It's stupid to die
as you meet a random bullet.
Don't touch him!
You can't make him, it's mean.
Freeze! No, you won't escape!
You don't have a right. I won't
do it!
You won't escape your destiny.
Here's a line in front of you.
You can't step over it.
Shoot, you murderer!
Mr. Marusin, you're shooting on
the count 3.
Get up, malingerer!
So you're a coward, my good man.
Freeze! Pull yourself together.
Shame on you.
1... 2... 3!
Has he soiled himsel
Get up, nobody.
We'll get you under the bullet.
Zakharych, prop your master.
Stepan, help him.
Master, dear, don't do it. It's a shame!
Everyone knows you in the city.
For Christ's sake, stop.
This is a manly and noble
Mr. Marusin! 1... 2... 3!
Andrey. My God, what's wrong with
Put him on the ground.
Let the doctor through.
Hold on, I'm with you.
The idiot!
I have my arm shot.
How are you?
Got to stop the bleeding. Do you hurt?
- I'll put the bandage on.
- Forgive me.

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