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Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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very chic now.
Meat packers?
I'm a happily married man.
Meadow: I'm telling you
it's not dress up.
speaking of dress up,
Christopher told me
Kelli is having her wedding
dress made into an outfit
- For the baby
to be christened in.
- Oh, sweet.
( Burps )
You all right?
Are you taking a date
to the screening?
If I can meet
a normal guy, maybe.
I heard that
What, Finn wasn't normal?
I don't intend
to discuss Finn.
What about that guy
in your mcat review?
Please, he's completely
fixated his O-Chem final.
He wants to be a doctor.
Tell him it's educational.
There's body parts
all over this movie.
Hey, screw the movie.
I Just wanna hang
with celebs.
Why, you think you're
gonna get to sleep
with Paris Hilton?
What? No.
Stop fidgeting
and eat your noodles.
- I don't want them.
- Where are you going?
The bathroom.
- Meow.
- You two have a fight?
I don't know.
Keep an eye on his temp, and
we'll finish out the week
on the ceftin.
You rest now.
I'll see you
in the morning.
- He should be on heparin.
- Excuse me.
Listen to him.
Check his ABG.
I'm gonna have to ask you
again to not interfere,
I'm gonna change your sheets.
So what are you,
The world's smartest orderly?
These days I am.
22 years a
practicing oncologist,
in cancers of the liver.
Roll to your right,
Let me spare us
the awkwardness.
I killed my wife.
Not that it's
any justification,
I had reason to suspect
She was cheating on me
with her chiropractor.
- Jesus.
- Granted, I was abusing
cocaine at the time,
And alcohol.
But I came home one day
Shot her four times--
twice in the head.
I killed her aunt, too.
I didn't know she was there.
Roll over, please.
And the mailman.
At that point,
I had to fully commit.
Why are you here exactly?
I'Ve been accused
of being part
Of a certain
italian-american subculture.
( Laughs )
hey, I know who you are.
I meant,
what's wrong with you?
- Lungs.
- I'Ve been wanting
to meet you, actually.
I saw you on Bill Curtis.
- Warren Feldman.
- John sacrimoni.
Good to know you.
- I take it you done chemo, huh?
- Twice.
Mind if I take a look
at your chart?
What about Gunga Din?
Gupte? Fuck him.
Oh, you're seeing Rosen.
They let me fly
to cleveland, my expense.
- You know him?
- I saw him speak once
At an ASCO conference
in Georgia.
- Good man.
- But...
Actually, very few
people know this,
But he really can't walk
on water.
What was his prognosis?
Three months.
- With the treatment you've had?
- What do you mean?
You got a window
of one to three years.
What about the metastases?
Two rounds of paraplatin,
Docetaxel and platinol
Concurrent with radiation?
Come on, any cancer
inside you has slowed
to a crawl.
Why is he so
fucking negative?
We tell the patient three
months. He lives a year.
Who looks like a hero?
I'll see you around, John.
You take it easy.
Hang in there.
Fuck me.
Tony, morning.
You got a sec?
As I told you,
my partner and I are
With the joint terror
task force now.
You're around Port Newark
often enough.
We're concerned about
what might come through
there from the middle east.
Yeah, and...
Let's talk terror funding.
Most of it comes about
through illegal enterprise.
Our pitch is this,
and it's the same we gave
Christopher Moltisanti--
If he never
mentioned it:
If you or any
of your people ever heard
of anything going down,
Middle easterners,
You'd be helping us a lot
if you let us know.
I Think there's
a word for that.
Your daughter takes
pre-med classes
in New York.
She use the tunnels?
Just something
to keep in mind.
That's the last time
I'm going down
for the paper.
You tell that
fucking polack
to get here earlier
And bring up the paper with her
Or she can go clean
somebody else's
fucking toilets.
What happened?
It's too dangerous.
Has been for years.
May I have your
attention, please?
Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06 Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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