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Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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later. The canucks.
It's a sin
to waste food.
Well, I don't know.
Hair of the dog.
...suicide car bomber
kills two us soldiers...
...west of baghdad.
That makes five americans killed
in iraq over the past two days.
There are more
aqi deaths,
At least 29 bodies found
scattered around baghdad today...
fucking look at him
out there.
I've seen that
sitting in the chair thing.
Come on.
Peop sit in chairs.
The couple from
verona never came back
To take a second look
at the house.
Meadow's staying in
this weekend to study.
Pediatricians aren't
the highest-Paid doctors--
That's radiologists.
But still, what
a wonderful thing to be.
That fucking throw rug
hadn't been there,
Would've been Bobby
on his back, not me.
- What?
- I wouldn't have slipped. I would have kicked his ass.
Jesus Christ,
do you think I care?
Oh, you don't, huh?
You were there--
That night in the crowd in
the parking lot at pizza world,
When I took
dominic tedesco.
I didn't even know your
name, but I remember
Our eyes met, and you
were blown away.
I was in fucking
high school.
I'm supposed to be turned on by
you beating up your brother-In-Law
At your 47th birthday?
How old is Bobby?
42, 43?
You think those four years
don't make a difference?
You had it coming.
You get away with murder
because you're his boss.
Oh, really?
And how about the fact he wouldn't
be living in that fucking mansion
If it wasn't for me?
I had to sacrifice my entire
friendship with Johnny Sack
To get him and Janice
that house.
Funny how everybody
forgets that, huh?
They are grateful,
You know, you and your sister,
you are emotionally blocked.
I'm old, Carm.
And my body has
suffered a trauma
That it will probably
never fully recover from,
So why don't we just
face the facts?
- Yeah?
- Hey, t, it's me.
Just wanted to wish you
a belated happy birthday.
We had a scare
last summer.
Guy down the road was fishing,
thought he caught a snakehead.
Thankfully, it was
only a bowfin.
- What's a snakehead?
- It's this horrible, ugly fish...
tell you something,
We had this little tussle
a year ago,
Before my injury--
This again?
Ton', I think
everyone here knows
You were at
a disadvantage.
I don't want to take
nothin' away from you,
sucker punch is
a sucker punch.
So then it wasn't
fair and square?
I mean, make up
your mind.
I think we both know
what's what.
But forget about it.
I have.
Come on, Bobby,
let's go.
Where are
you two going?
Play some golf
with some people.
Oh, right.
Why don't you just hit
a few into the lake?
Bobby, come on.
You okay?
Could turn the air on.
I'm good.
Just I should have taken
a leak before we left.
Oh, honey,
look at you go!
Mercedes, you didn't tell me that
you were taking her in the lake.
I'm watching her,
miss Janice.
You're supposed
to tell me
Whenever you take her
in the lake.
It's all right.
I'm here, too.
I don't want nica
going in the lake
Without my knowing.
Come on, you've been
in there long enough.
Nica, did you hear me?
I'm talking to you.
What did you say?
Nica, come over here.
- No.
- Don't tell me no.
Don't you ever
tell me no!
- Mad.
- You're not mad.
You have no right
to feel mad.
- I'll give you
something to be mad about.
Take her to the house,
And put her to bed now.
She's never spoken to me
like that before-- Never.
- Probably needs that nap.
- That fucking Bobby jr,
He's going through his
goddamn adolescence.
He's nothing but
lip and attitude.
She's imitating.
She's got
that pitch-Perfect ear.
I'm a little hyper today.
Maybe it's these
estrogen pills.
Well, if you're
as hungover as I am...
that was some ory
you told, though.
My dad and the gun?
That alone was worth
the price of admission.
Oh, he was nabolidan'
to his core, boy.
I had this boyfriend once--
Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06 Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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