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Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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had surgery now?
turds in the aorta--
a medical first.
gotta see
my chiropodist.
there's something
i should tell you.
- the real estate agent.
- yeah?
i've been bangin' her.
see, i knew some shit
was goin' on.
why the fuck
did you lie to me?
i wasn't sure how it ended with you two
till you
set me straight.
stupid, right?
point is i want
everything above-boards
as always between
you and me.
i don't give a fuck.
do what you want
with her.
- this is my reward.
- your reward.
i do not betray
my wife.
i go out of my way not to
have an affair with this woman,
this very hot,
very beautiful,
intelligent woman--
'cause of the way carmela
nursed me and cared for me.
and my fuckin' turkey-neck
of a nephew
winds up with his dick
in there.
a guy i gotta see
every day.
this is my reward.
frankly, i'm encouraged.
with the fuckin'
riddles again.
i sat here dreading
the end of the story
would involve
you erupting
in some act of violence
towards your nephew.
well, christmas
isn't over yet.
you came out
of that shooting
feeling each day
as a gift.
well, this is
a corollary to that.
a what?
you don't have to eat
every dish of rigatoni.
you don't have to fuck
every female you meet.
you know what i've
been realizing?
these women-- they're
all sort of the same--
dark complexion,
they smell a little
bit of money.
there's you and...
and this "ashkenuzi."
so what's that about?
what do you think
it's about?
it's probably the
reason i still come here
to hang out with you--
'cause nothing really
changes with the therapy part.
ton'? that fed's
out front. harris.
says he wants you to know
he's here having a sandwich.
what's the matter?
not enough mayo?
tony, how you doing?
good, so how's
the war on terror?
christmas is always
potentially our busy season.
so, phil leotardo, huh?
i swear to god i had
nothin' to do with that.
just so you know,
i'm still in touch with
some agents who work o.c.
from what they hear, you're not
very popular in brooklyn right now.
so what else
is new, huh?
that someone close to you
may be in danger.
anybody specific?
all they know is it's under
serious discussion at top levels.
- thanks.
- it's christmas.
what? you want me to call a doctor?
cramping in my legs?
it could be anything.
well then what'd
you call me for?
- just to say hi.
- but you're all right?
i'll see you later.
bring me home
a quattro formaggi.
i don't care what
time it is. wake me up.
- all right.
- mwah.
we were talking
about recovery
and your organized
crime thing.
that i took an oath
that was a sacred oath.
- that's not an urban legend?
- no, you burn a saint.
you draw blood-- but technically i
shouldn't even be tellin' you this.
the program--
i could never really get
into the "higher power" part.
well, me neither.
it's hard.
i mostly think of the group
consciousness as a higher power.
i said to myself that that
oath would be my higher power.
that would be
my strength.
that code-- that's
a soldier's oath.
- i could see that.
- but the problem is nobody lives it no more.
not tony, not nobody.
they let you down.
here i am.
- using.
- using.
are you breaking up
with me?
should we go to
a meeting?
i don't know.
what do you wanna do?
i know one that starts in
half an hour in glen ridge.
take one car?
i'll follow you.
you should've
called first.
how's john?
some christmas
present, huh?
i'll see you in the morn--
i'll see you
in the morning.
god loves you.
finally got you to come
to brooklyn, cocksucker.
listen to me.
now i never told
nobody this,
but while i was
in that coma,
somethin' happened
to me.
i went someplace,
i think. but i know i
never wanna go back there.
and maybe you know
what i'm talkin' about.
believe me, nobody ever
laid on their deathbed
wishin' they saved
more no-show jobs.
Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06 Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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